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the funk/soul thread


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Use this thread to talk about classic funk and soul.

Just getting into George Duke right now. That guy rocks! That era of funk/fusion is just really great in general. It seems like 76-79 was just that perfect time when funk got a little smoother, but was yet to be tainted by weird gloss of the 80s. Not the best generalization I've ever made though, because there was some good stuff in the 80s too. But yeah anyways, check out these George Duke songs:




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Although I do enjoy a bit of disco, the best music in that period was probably the funk that was able to take some cues from disco while holding on to the legitimacy of the funk genre. Out of all the bands I've heard, I would say Earth Wind & Fire did that best.

good picks with Funkadelic, Rocky Raccoon. Funkadelic was the first funk band I ever obsessed over. They really combined the best aspects of funk and rock, and at the time I was mostly just listening to rock so they were a good transitional band to help get me into funk. I think this one is my favorite/their most underrated track:

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Bazooka, good call on the Crusaders. A very underrated band. One of my favorite funky jazz bands.

This is my favorite song by them:

The Crusaders - So Far Away

"Street Life" is a good one too of course.

A band with a similar career path would be the Blackbyrds. Started originally as a jazz fusion band, they became a straight up funk band by the end of the 70s.

Walking in Rhythm

Love is Love

Better Days

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