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the funk/soul thread


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What is funk, anyway?

I've never been much interested in pigeon-holing any music, but here's a couple broad definitions.

What It Is

and Probably More Than You Wanted To Know

I like to think I intuitively know Funk when I hear it.

AWB's grooves definitely qualify, and they offer clear-cut proof that at least some Caucasians are capable of Funkifizin'.

(I think you can see that Humble Pie's superlativeness is undeniable, but is just from a different realm.)

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I'm on a big Brothers Johnson kick right now. One of them played bass on MJ's "Off the Wall" album, and their four best albums were produced by Quincy Jones. Reccomended to fans of "Off the Wall," late 70s Isley Brothers, early Prince, and good times in general. Just great, slick, sunshiney funk

I'll Be Good To You

Strawberry Letter 23



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We tracked down a member of Hudson County to find out about this delightful Funk nugget. Try to guess where the title came from before you read this.

Bim Sala Bim Songfacts

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