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The Songfactors' Choice Top Albums of the Decade: The '70's


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About how long do we have still, I am still narrowing down my list for my second choice.

Since there are so many good ones already and I don't wanna make it harder, I am thinking of going with Disco Duck by Rick Dees and His Cast of Idiots :P

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The thread hasn't been open a week yet. Normally we'd let nominations stay open at least 10-14 days before voting, but if everyone is ready sooner we can begin voting sooner, I'm fine with that.

Kenne, you are joking right? :P

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what about Boston? We need to have 3 noms each.

I'm trying to decide between their debut or the Eagles Greatest Hits vol 1 for my #2.

This is a tough decision.

3 noms each would just make this thing far more difficult, unless we got to vote 15 each :D

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The Cars....

Oh, my!!! :doh: :doh: :doh:





...too good MAKING MOVIES (DIRE STRAITS) is from 1980... :stars:


The seventies are just impossible... :P

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^After all that I hope someone ends up actually nominating one of his albums. :P

Or maybe...

Groundbreaking post-punk: Unknown Pleasures - Joy Division

Classic mainstream rock: Damn the Torpedoes - Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers

One of the best break-up albums ever: Blood on the Tracks - Bob Dylan

The punk masterpieces:

- Entertainment! - Gang of Four

- Singles Going Steady - Buzzcocks

- Raw Power - Iggy and the Stooges

- My Aim is True - Elvis Costello

- Never Mind the Bollocks - The Sex Pistols

A reggae classic: Exodus - Bob Marley & the Wailers


also Chairs Missing by Wire,

Marquee Moon by Television,

or maybe even Tago Mago by Can for the Krautrock / psychadelic fans :D

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And some of you scoff when some of us say the 70's were the best era of music .... ;)

We have to vote and we have to vote for 10. That's it. Just 10. That's what make's the final 10 so special. And we have to use the same criteria for this decade as we have for the other decades, because all the final lists will be going up on the main page..... It'll be several days at least before we vote. Gives you all time to go round up new SF'er's to nominate all these other great albums! ;)

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Hi! I'm new to this community and wanted to jump in an nominate an album or two for the '70s, since there's an awful lot of good '70s music that hasn't been nominated yet.

1. Boston - Boston

2. Goodbye Yellow Brick Road - Elton John

and now if you people don't vote on my nominations, then you're all just wrong!!!

:grin: :grin:

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Eagles Greatest Hits Volume 1 (1971-75)

  • 1 Take It Easy
    2 Witchy Woman
    3 Lyin' Eyes
    4 Already Gone
    5 Desperado
    6 One Of These Nights
    7 Tequila Sunrise
    8 Take It To The Limit
    9 Peaceful, Easy Feeling
    10 The Best Of My Love

videos not provided, either you know these songs or you don't care

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