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The Songfactors' Choice Top Albums of the Decade: The '70's


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I had that one too... :cool:

My dad brought it home to me before the official release, he was a journalist so he had all the promo records. he knew I was a fan... :)

So I told him "Can I have six other Stones albums?" and he said "OK, I'll ask for them"

I was asking for other records but that was the first release from Rolling Stones Records and they gave him six copies of Sticky Fingers... :laughing:

So six friends of mine got their promo-Lp with the zipper and the number and the seal "promo" et all... :cool:

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I have the zipper cover too. This album was the first one where I really nailed the saxophone parts...instead of sitting in room playing guitar, I stood there playing sax to songs that had sax parts and songs that didn't. I would make it up or imitate the guitar lines (you should have heard me imitate guitar feedback!!) When I got this album I started working on the sax part for Brown Sugar and that became my "local" signature piece...I had it down dead on.

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Sticky Fingers was the first Stones album that I owned but I wasn't lucky enough to get the zipper. Technically it might have been purchased by my boyfriend of the time, but you know how that is .... went the boyfriend went I got custody of Sticky Fingers. ;)

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