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Tep 10 Ultimate Rock Gods of All Time

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The list would be near perfect if it wasn't for the fact that Jim Morisson in not on it That is unforgivable.

You shouldn't wing off these top ten things without thinking. No Ritchie Blackmore? Deep Purple had their own 747 man. No Frank Zappa, Jeff Beck, Brian Eno, Eddie Van Halen (Slash who?) Alvin Lee, (Tens Years After and the REAL woodstock for all of you youngsters), Brian Ferry (whom every alternative sounding band since The Cars owes their biscuits to...) Iggy Pop (The godfather of Punk), Tony Iommi(Elected the number one heavy metal guitarist of all time by guitar player magazine)(Ozzy is a well marketed putz) and thank you world for putting the immortal Jim Morrison, Robert Plant, and Jimmy Page on the list. Did someone say Eric Clapton, Lou Reed, Bon Scott, Keith Richards, Alice Cooper (even if was only for being around and touring since the days of the Doors)or maybe blues rockers John Lee Hooker, Robert Johnson and guitar whiz heros like Joe Satriani and Steve Vai. (Slash WHO!!!!!) I say we try to get the top 100.

The Big Monkey

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^^^^ Welcome To Songfacts, Big Monkey! :rockon:

Good call, Newbie. Welcome to Songfacts. But I'll betcha my monkey's bigger.

:afro: :afro: :afro: :jester: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

No question that it's damned near impossible to list ten favourite musicians in any genre! Today your best ten will be different than tomorrow's, usually.

Welcome to Songfacts, monkey dude!

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Everyone has it all wrong, here is the correct list:

1-Ludwig Beethoven (there would be no talent to draw from without setting the stage)

2-Elvis (obvious)

3-Bo Diddley (remember him)

4-Jimmy Page

5-Robert Plant

6-Eric Clapton

7-Stevie Ray Vaughan

8-John Lennon

9-Carlos Santana


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The list stinks! Kurt Cobain? :doh:

Bono? Bon Jovi? nay, nay!!

Mr. Neil Young :bow: is the original grunge God, not Kurt.

Morrison and Daltry should be on the list well before considering JBJ or Bono!

There are more Gods than there are places for them to fit into this list! :crazy:

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Yeah but Kurt Cobain was a rock god because he exposed how insecure rock gods actually are

I suspect that John Lennon, Brian Wilson, Morrissey, Ian Curtis and lots of others may have managed that years earlier. It's a pretty common rock-star perpective, isn't it?



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I might be wrong, but I may be right...I'm willing to bet I've hung out with more kids, born after 1980, learning electric guitar..than most people including other kids. Smells Like Teen Spirit is up there, but so is Smoke On The Water.

Smells Like Teen Spirit needs an effects pedal to sound right, but Smoke On The Water can sound great with some minor tinkering.

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okay, you're probably right with kids who are learning e-guitar (ie, who are interested in that kind of music)

I was originally thinking back to incidents at my school (along the lines "Led Zeppelin? I know the name, but songs... ?")

but of course that wasn't what batman was referring to ;)

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My friends kid learned Smoke On The Water on guitar first and he has absolutely no intention of learning "Teen Spirit". He thinks Nirvana sucks (I wonder if I've helped influence him?) :grin:

I know alot of people born after 1980 who didn't learn any Nirvana tunes on guitar ever. They started off just like the rest of the free world by learning "Stairway" at school and figuring out "Smoke" at home. Everybody did that! Smoke On The Water is so much easier to figure out on your own when you're first starting out.

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"proto" means "before"

and "proto " usually refers to artists that had a large influence in said genre while being active before it developed

I don't think proto-grunge exists - I've never heard of it before,

but eg "proto punk" is an accepted description of acts like Iggy Pop, MC5, NY Dolls, Lou Reed, etc

btw, the other side of the timeline are the "post " (post = 'after')

like "post rock", "post punk", etc :)

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