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Tep 10 Ultimate Rock Gods of All Time

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The list would be near perfect if it wasn't for the fact that Jim Morisson in not on it That is unforgivable.

I can understand wanting to kick Jon Bon Jovi off the list, but like it or not, Bono is a rock god

What? Whether he even rocks is debatable...he thinks he's God, or God's right-hand man, but in no respect whatsoever is B*no a "Rock God". The very idea.

Even in those heady "post-punk" days when U2 began, he was as clean as a whistle and sniffily disparaged contemporaries who embraced a more psychedelically indulgent lifestyle. He married his teenage sweetheart and, as far as we know, has never been a serial philanderer on the sly. He doesn't have a cucumber down his underpants. He wears his Bible on his sleeve and his head up his colon. His band employed managers and accountants in the most clinically business-like manner right from the off. Bono has never, at any point gone "out of control" or close to the edge. (He's been close to The Edge, but that's different. :D )

I've never been much of a fan of the flamboyant, OTT "cock-rock" that gives rise to "Rock Gods", but that doesn't impede me from having an opinion. When I hear the words "Rock God", I immediately think Robert Plant.

Then Jimi Hendrix. Elvis Presley, Roger Daltrey, Iggy Pop.

But not Jon Bon Jovi...and definitely not the likes of Bono. Probably not Freddie Mercury either, legendary performer though he was. Top Ten, maybe, but #1??? Shows how much I know.

This list is even more risible than its premise promised.

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I don't think you need to be particularly over the top or live a scandalous life to be a rock god. Roger Daltrey isn't a rock god to me because he got laid three times a day (okay it helps), but because, well, look at him.

Now Bono... I agree with Radhi. I couldn't quite tell you why I'd consider him a rock god, but I do.


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I'm 100% with you there, BF. "Rock God" is all about sex, and while I'm not in the best position to venture an opinion, Bono just doesn't have that pheremone thing happening at all. He's obviously a serious artiste, and a whopping big star, but he's no Rock God.

Or so I reckon ;-)


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Maybe there's two kinds of rock gods... one that's all about sex, drugs and rock'n'roll, and then there's the kind you admire, respect, look up to. Now I know you're no great fan of Bono and neither am I, but a lot of people are, and he stands for certain things and people respect him for that. I guess a lot of musicians stand for a lot of things and they're not considered rock gods, but Bono just happens to be really famous for those things as well as for his music. Not just the charity stuff as such, but the charity stuff combined with his music as well. You know, someone to admire for what he does, not just someone who makes you think "Wow I'd love to be him for a day".

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You've lost me now.

I guess it depends on ones perception of "the essence of rock'n'roll". Drugs needn't be part of the equation, but y'know; sex, sweat, rebellion, for starters......

For better or worse, "admirable political views" seems out of place on the "Rock God" checklist. "Respectability" / "rock god"; the two just don't go hand-in-hand. Sorry.

Can't imagining Bono exerting a pelvic thrust, unless he were doing Pilates. Not convincing "Rock God" material.

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Not admirable political views... I think I'm just not explaining it very well. :P It's not about his views... it's about how he manages to attract people THROUGH them, or how he 'manages to move the masses' if you will. Other people achieve that by being flamboyant and drinking themselves into a coma on stage, he's more like one of those TV preachers who sell out entire stadiums. It's not about HOW they achieve that, it's just important that they DO (move the people). If someone's up there on stage being more outrageous and dramatic and spellbinding than all those people on that list put together and no one cared, he would not be a rock god. You can't be a god without a following, and Bono certainly does have a following. It makes sense to me anyway.

Now I was beginning to wonder if I'm completely off the right track here or just not getting it across so I had a look at Urban Dictionary:

"A rock god is an artist that is so talented and amazing that he is worshipped as a god by his fans. A rock god has ususally touched the masses beyond just his music. An artist that people can associate with an idea/style/time."

That's what I'm trying to say too - they're worshipped/respected/admired, and not just for their music. This is why Bono is a rock god too - it's not about WHY they are considered gods by their fans.

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My list would look something like this...these are rockers that stand above the crowd and can look down on the rest:

1) John Lennon

2) David Bowie

3) Neil Young

4) Freddie Mercury

5) Jimi Hendrix

6) Brian Wilson

7) Pete Townshend

8) Elton John

9) Paul McCartney

10) Mick Jagger

My list is subject to change and I look up to many lesser Gods too.

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You mean "charisma"?

Surely that's only one of the essentials for Rock Godliness?

Minimum requirements are that you kick ass and put people in the mood for animalistic rutting. I can't for the life of me imagine anybody getting "sexed up" by Bono / U2.

If, as might be the case, people are regarded in the New Age as "Rock Gods" on account of the spiritual healing qualities of their music / charisma, I confess that I may have stumbled into the wrong century, and request to be returned to a more appropriate decade forthwith.

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Personality?! Did you say PERSONALITY?!!

My list would look something like this...

Angus Young

Robert Plant

Eric Burdon

Mick Jagger

Jim Morrison

Steven Tyler

Jimi Hendrix

Ozzy Osbourne

Little Richard

James Hetfield

Those I consider above any mere "list" are all the members of THE WHO, as well some others.

*But like any list, they are subjective to interpretations and well as wide variety of OPINIONS!

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Not my style, I'm afraid. ;)

Always one for disagreeing to disagree:

I think Bono is a ferpectly natural choice for a 'rock god' list because he has legions of admirers and is lead singer of a gigantic band.

Now if you'll 'scuse me I noticed a bit of discussion on this topic up there ^ that I havent bothered to read yet.. brb.

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I think Bono is a ferpectly natural choice for a 'rock god' list because he has legions of admirers...

I think "admirers" is the relevant word here. Al Gore has admirers. Bill Gates has admirers.

But I can agree to disagree quite happily. We are all obviously just talking about different definitions of "Rock God", and there's no right or wrong about it.

I'm talking about larger-than-life, posters on your wall, faces on your t-shirt, make you weak at the knees, I would faint if I ever saw him in the flesh kind of thing.

No insult to Bono - I'm sure that some people see him that way - but he's not an obvious fit for me. He is one of the greatest rock vocalists of all time, and a man committed to important causes, but in another sense, he will always be a rich goose in bad sunglasses. (Okay, I guess that bit was an insult.)

See ya,


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'scuse me. ;)

Obviously, everyone's going to have their own opinions. But, I've been around the rock block a time or two .... and for me, Rock God isn't a title used for an individual that "inspires" goodness ( ie Bono ), nor one that "inspires" the baser human qualites, like sex & rutting (good lord b-f, I've never used that word in my life!). Not that those aren't perfectly apt rock & roll qualities, and great ones at that.

For me, a Rock God is someone that you may admire for his voice, or musicianship, certainly. But in the end, it's that person that can stand on the stage, and totally mesmerize an audience of hundreds, or thousands with just a look. A wail. A single guitar riff. The person that commands the attention of all in attendance by his or her mere being. That's a Rock God. Bon Jovi doesn't git it, Bono either (for me). Brian Wilson would, although I wouldn't have thought to put him on the list. The fact is I don't believe that there are any present day Rock Gods. The times are different, and situations don't allow for that anymore. Cobain is probably the most recent person that I can think of that would come anywhere near this list.

Daltrey, Plant, Page, Mercury, Jagger, Richard, Morrison, Hendrix, Presley, all Rock Gods, all individuals that are revered, and worshipped, just for the simple fact of their being.

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(I hope I can say this without being flamed)

I think Bono is admired more for his nobility and the changes he makes world wide, he is widely known for his activism with Africa. He has organized and played in several benefit concerts and has met with influential politicians and was nominated for a nobel peace prize award.

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