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What Song Are You Listening To Right Now?


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Manchasm ~ Future of the Left

Audience, please!

every minute matters!

did I already ask who Mark Foley and Collin are? :P

Must we really go into this, again? :rolleyes:

From the booklet accompanying Future Of The Left's excellent "Curses!" album:

"For the purposes of this recorded work, Mark Foley is the co-owner of the self-same Music Box Rehearsal Studios in Cardiff, and not the notorious former US Senator"

And, according to the lyric of Manchasm:

"Colin is a pussy, a very pretty pussy, Colin is a pussy, a very pretty pussy-cat". How much more do you need to know? We are also told that Colin is "a wide-eyed, wanton, hopped-up hole of hail and hate". Not a cat you'd want to mess with, by the sound of it.

Listening to: "Lazy Calm" - The Cocteau Twins

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