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What Song Are You Listening To Right Now?


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All soldiers

They're all gonna die

And all the little babies

They're all gonna die

All the poets

And all the liars

And all you pretty people

You're all gonna die

I felt too good today, so now I'm listening to some Low ( :D;) )

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The first track on Slint's "Tweez" album, which I bought today. No tracklisting on the cover, which is less than helpful. Tells you the forenames of the musicians' parents, but not the names of the songs. :confused:

It's a funny thing. I first listened to this album in the listening-booth of Jumbo Records in Leeds, when it first came out, (early 90s, I'm guessing), and I was interested in anything involving Steve Albini, who "engineered" thereupon. I didn't reckon much to it at the time, so decided against purchasing it. Subsequently, Slint's "Spiderland" album has become one of my very favourites, so today, I finally gave "Tweez" a second chance, and bought it in the same shop, standing 3 yards away from the very same listening booth where I first heard it.

Moreover, the guy on duty for the transaction said "I hope you don't mind me asking,but did you used to be in a band?"; a conversational gambit which never fails to please. He remembered seeing my band in "live action", which must have been about 19 years ago.

All in all, a very satisfying visit to my favourite record shop of all time: Jumbo Records

Oh, yeah. By now, I'm on Track 4. (And enjoying the album immensely) :)

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^ to help you ;)

Track listing

Side one: Bemis

1. "Ron" – 1:55

2. "Nan Ding" – 1:47

3. "Carol" – 3:40

4. "Kent" – 5:48

Side two: Gerber

1. "Charlotte" – 4:29

2. "Darlene" – 3:05

3. "Warren" – 2:32

4. "Pat" – 3:35

5. "Rhoda" – 2:56


EDIT: oh wait, that's the ones you already knew :blush:

sorry and nevermind ;)

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