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What Song Are You Listening To Right Now?


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found it - in a TT thread and Fin answered:

Mark Foley? Where?

And apparently he's some politician who sent 'improper' emails and IMs and such to teenage boys...

and b-f further answered:

According to the album sleeve-notes,

"For the purposes of this recorded work, Mark Foley is the co-owner of the self-same Music Box Rehearsal Studios in Cardiff and not the notorious former US Senator."

PS. you can't quote any posts anymore after the thread is closed :crazy: :P

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Of course not, that'd involve a 'new reply' page and the purpose of a locked thread is to deter new replies.

yeah, that's true... but it would be useful to still get something for easy copy/pasting, similar to the [ code] tags... maybe something for a later forum version ;)

Turn on, Tune in, Cop out ~ Freakpower (with younger Fatboy Slim btw)

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