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Songs that make you play the air drums.

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Holy crap, way too many on my part (I'm also a really extravagant air guitarist)

The first one that pops into my head is

Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds-The Beatles (you know the part where Ringo really kicks it right before the chorus)

oh yeah and

Strawberry Fields Forever-The Beatles (great drumming, I love how the drumming is fast, therefore contrasting the slow vocals)

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I wish I could play air drums. I, however, have developed the bad habit of drumming on my leg, which leaves a welt after 3 or 4 songs. I love drumming to the intro of Changes by Yes, Heart of The Sunrise, also by Yes, and Wipeout (of course). I have also grown quite fond of the intro to Sunshine of Your Love by Cream. I also like to make up my own insane fills and beats on really slow songs so it sounds really out of place.

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In The Air Tonight By Phill Collins I Actually Play It On My Drum Kit


I'm sorry but my view of Phil Collins has been forever perverted by South Park, "HI I'M PHIL COLLINS"

you see in the episode where they include him Timmy joins the 'Lords Of The Underworld' as the lead vocalist and Phil Collins unleashes a speech of how bad that is and it goes like this

"This is bad, because they're laughing at someone with disabilities, and I don't think that you should laugh at with disabilities"

Then a guy in the background pops his head out, points at Phil Collins, and laughs at him.

Oh yeah the South Park kids get on Ritalin therefore making them think that Phil Collins is awesome.

(sorry 'bout that thread hijacking, I just like to include South Park references as much as possible)

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Scot Re Phill Collins In The Air Tonight I Play The Drums To It. I Watch South Park And I Also Suffer From Paraplegia And I Take No Offence. I Take Offence On Ignorance Or Lack Of Understanding. If You Can't Laugh At Your Disability Then What Can You Laugh At. But I Know What You Mean And Give You Respect For What You Think Otherwise Chill Out Dude :drummer: EmmetsVille@aol.com

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I was watching Inside South Park on VH1 and Stone (or Parker?) was talking about how ppl shoudnt be ofended about this kids cuz they get treated and tortured just like all the other kids. And they don't really hate any of the celebs they make fun of, except for Barb Streisand. I love that meka streisand episode. Robert Smith RULES!!! Funny he was a butterfly.

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