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? You don't have to log into SF. It's a choice and a good one at that :D

You mean that kid I wanna feed to my fish for running over peoples pets? Nam something or other.

Name someone on SF that seems to be stalking you just to annoy you.

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Red Fish.

Name a member of SF who has been beaten up since grade 3 , is a dork , hates himself and humanity , and gets off while typing on this site solely with his left hand .

kevin haha!!!!!

look i post in other topics when i have a problem with someone :D :D :D :D :D :D

name somoene on SF who posts!!

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American hookers or some may even say ' white slaves ' ; aka surplus Yale/ Harvard graduates ... they all like ' chasing the dragon', though . Now your economy has turned South , there should be a surplus : "We nag you long time , Tojo , and make you PAY big time ! " .

Pay should be about the same or much better as one would get in any white-collar job- were there to be any !

Name a place where the buffalo roam , and the skies are not cloudy all day .

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