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Louis Armstrong. (As in: "Do You Know What It Means To Miss New Orleans.")

I don't think Paris Hilton has written a book yet, though Hollyweird might option her sex tape for an "edgy/reimagined" treament.

Name a dangerous Marine organism. (The kind found in/near the ocean/sea.)

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A Kalua Pork sandwich or plate lunch. (The latter is available at Sam's Club, while the former was available at local Taco Bell restarants.) If said Malihini is a Muslin, Fried Goat from Helena's Filipino Kitchen could be substituted.

Name a popular Australian export product.

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I've seen all manner of Australian wines on sale at Longs. Then there are the middle grade Macadamia nuts that originally come from Oz. One could mention movie actors of all kinds as well.

As for someone/something that hasn't been born yet, that would be: The Antichrist!

Name a politician that resembles the son/daughter of "Old 666."

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