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Yeah, that's weird. Why are women like that?

Think about it, Sam. Men are social creatures in the restroom. In order to find relief, we stand shoulder to shoulder in long lines of urinals, not afraid to look one another in the eye, while convivialy conversing about the food, the drinks or the chicks. We wash hands together and nearly simulataneously pull down and tear upward the drying towlettes as we then playfully head out for more fun in the club/restaurant/bar.

Whereas women, upon entering their restroom, frantically lock themselves in a tiny compartment, drawing up as small as is humanly possible, lest someone see some tiny part of them through the cracks around the door frame. They dare not make a sound or display any outward sign that a bodily function may be taking place anywhere near their location. After, they silently slink alone to the sink so they can perform QC on the porcelin before actually putting there hands in it to wash up.

We are just different when it comes to the john.

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