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  1. He brought the ideals of communism to the mainstream via his music, like Imagine. From Lenin to Lennon, true dreamers will always live on.
  2. I was wondering if it was about a drug maybe cocaine. "my eyes become larger". I don't know its a stupid thought.
  3. I heard that lost is a stolen story idea and that they're getting sued. Does anybody know the truth?
  4. volleyball is so hardcore, i can't think of a song that could pump people up for it.
  5. a little cliche, but better than i could've produced, if that matters any.
  6. Jojo sucks, she can't sing and she's not that attractive. And where is her charisma? I bet if you played every song on maroon five's cd at the same time it would sound ok maybe better than one song at one time. Stick to the oldies.
  7. matt, i'm confused, this love, was it amorous?
  8. I agree with you Earth-Angel. People in choir we're trying to tell me it was about taking the straight and narrow, and i tryed to tell them that it was about the opposite but i live in the south so you can't deviate from cristianity because thats a sin. Peace out and thanks for confirming my thoughts.
  9. Hey guys, in choir, we're singing this song called "same direction" by hoobastank. What does it mean, or does it mean anything?
  10. how new is the song, because and europe there is a horrible romanian group that sings this song o hee o hai or something like that, maybe jillian knows
  11. Star Wars is one of the best trilogies because of the soundtrack. It may be a rip-off of Stravinksy but when you say star wars every one thinks of the menacing riff "dahn dahn dahn dahn da dahn' and so on.
  12. Krafterwerk rocks o yea. Computer love and autobahn classic techno songs.
  13. yea i agree i guess he just couldn't focus enough to play drums.
  14. Only the first four man, Clapton basically copied Chuck Berry.
  15. What would the Chilipeppers be without Flea?
  16. Atleast he didn't choose somewhere like west kansas.
  17. Any movie with ven diesel.
  18. Sup guys, i was just wondering what was yall's favorite Beck album. I'm gonna go with Mutations because its a little more mellow and accoustic than his other works. :guitar:
  19. How much did the record companies pay you to say that?
  20. I agree skip, just think what segovia could have done on an electric, i mean his rhythms kick butt, its just too bad he thought the electric was a waste of a guitar.
  21. What does distortion have to do with guitar skill, granted distortion is awesome.
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