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  1. Kiana

    "Eo oh oh oh eo eo.."?

    No, I don't think that's the song. They only sing "Tequila" once or maybe twice in the song. And I believe it's very new. But thanks anyway! I wish I could sing it to you, hehe, because i kind of know the lyrics in the refrain. But unfortunatly I can't make any words out of it..
  2. Kiana

    "Eo oh oh oh eo eo.."?

    Oh, yes, thank you! I hope it's the right song
  3. Kiana

    "Eo oh oh oh eo eo.."?

    No, that's not the song, because the song I'm looking for is rather new.. But thanks anyway!
  4. Kiana

    "Eo oh oh oh eo eo.."?

    I think that the song was rather new, and I know it's not that romanian group that sings it. As written before, I think the song was in spanish. But I also believe there were some lines in english ::
  5. Kiana

    Ooh aah - Jakki O

    If you check out this web-page, you can find a list of songs that was in that movie: http://www.moviemusic.com/CD/shag.html
  6. Kiana

    "Eo oh oh oh eo eo.."?

    Yeah, I've noticed that.. I'll try to remember some more details, 'cause I have to find this song:p Thanks by the way, for trying to help me
  7. Kiana

    "Eo oh oh oh eo eo.."?

    No, I think we are talking about the same song! The song I heard had a female vokalist too, and maybe a male! It was too a Ltian rhythm.
  8. Kiana

    "Eo oh oh oh eo eo.."?

    XXX: Hehe:: You've heard this song before? Great! You have to try to help me! I've tried to search for it on internet, but I can't find it..
  9. Kiana

    "Eo oh oh oh eo eo.."?

    I don't know wich language it was in, that's what makes the song so hard to find. Maybe French? I don't know.. But I think they sang something like "we got tequila, o-o-oh"? But maybe I'm mistaking. I think it was pop, but I'm not shure
  10. Kiana

    "Eo oh oh oh eo eo.."?

    No, it was not Old MacDonald had a farm, I know that song! And the song was not in english. But I think the word "tequila" was in the text..
  11. When I was on a summer-holiday in Turkey, I heard this great song! Now I hardly can remember the lyrics and I don't know the artist ::! I think the title of the song was Eo, or something, because the chorus went something like this; "Eo oh oh oh eo eo".. I can't remember anything else, because I didn't knew the language.. Please help me, I need to find this song!!!