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And The Shortest Song In Your Collection?

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In addition to "Her Majesty" [The Beatles], the three shortest tracks in my collection are all by Paul McCartney. Skinflint!

1. "Oobu Joobu Part 1: (Some Folks Say Oobu)" 0:25

2. "Soggy Noodle" 0:29

3. "Oobu Joobu Part 1: Oobu Joobu Main Theme/Fun Packed Show" 0:38. [it takes longer to type the name of the track than it does to play it from start to finish!]

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Stop from Pink Floyd's The Wall is 30 seconds long, and there are 8 tracks from the Double Disc that clock in under 2:00. The Dream Sequence (Intro) from Alice in Chains - Dirt is pretty short, I don't have time to go through my whole collection to see what the absolute shortest one is.

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Some short tracks in my collection:

The following radio promos are individual tracks on Beach Boys CDs:

KOMA - 0:06

KDWB Radio Promo - 0:10

Radio Promo 2 - 0:15 (actually spoken)

Radio Promo 3 - 0:07 (shortest track on which you can hear six people, also spoken)

Radio Promo 4 - 0:12

"Meant For You" is billed by Andrew Gladwin as "the best damned 41 second song of all time."

The shortest Beach Boys "album track which was also a single" that I have, is the 1:26 single "Ten Little Indians" b/w the 2:17 "County Fair", the latter having been written in ten minutes.

And finally, and perhaps the most "worthy of note" of the bunch, is a 17 second track named "You Can Save Up To Fifty Per Cent But You're Still A Long Way From Home". Class.

That's all for now.

Love and mercy


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They Might Be Giants have many songs under a minute: "Spider" is 50 seconds long, "Minimum Wage" clocks in at 46 seconds. On their latest album, there's "Spine" at 33 seconds, and "Spines" at just 30 seconds. On the McSweeney's CD they did (it accompanied a book of 38 short stories with a song written for each story), there's a song called "Lincoln, Washington, and That Jefferson Guy" (which is a rewritten line from a Dylan song) that lasts only 24 seconds. But the shortest of all their stuff in my collection (not counting a 9 second radio promo they did) is a song called "Dog On Fire" -- it's 17 seconds long. It ended up being used as the 2nd half of the theme song for Jon Stewart's The Daily Show. :D

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According to the Guiness Book of World Records, the shortest single is Yoko Ono ~ Die Ärzte with 0:30

also, the video is the shortest with 0:45

other short 'songs' in my collection are

J.B.O.'s fabulous cover "Knocking on Heaven's Door" (0:08) :grin:

Fanta4's "0:29" (lasts interestingly enough 29 seconds)

Monty Python's Spam song (0:31)

White Stripes' Passive Manipulation (0:35)

and a couple dozen sound bits, funny sentences that some musicians like to put between the album tracks ;) :grin:

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The shortest song on my iPod is Legend of Zelda by The Rabbit Joint, clocking in at 1:01. Lead vocals on the song are by Serj from System of a Down. :grin:

Also on my iPod are Golden Slumbers by The Beatles (1:31) and Eruption by Van Halen (1:42), and six other songs that are less than 2 minutes long.

I also own the album Meteora by Linkin Park, which has a 13 second intro track, although it is instrumental and can't really be considered a "song".

Martin, thanks for linking to a Die Ärzte video that was actually short enough for me to download in less than 20 minutes - that one was pretty good. :thumbsup:

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