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  1. Yeah, I've gotta agree with cyberjudge over those English voters. How do you pick Meatloaf over Chuck Berry? Did someone put something in their tea or what?
  2. I saw Kimya at an in-store performance in Seattle and she was very charming. Shy at first, but then she brought her 10 year old nephew onstage to sing with her. I like a lot of her stuff, especially "I Like Giants," which isn't in Juno. The funny thing about this success from the soundtrack is that Kimya had pretty much decided to get out of music and raise a family. She's working on an album for little kids at the moment, which seems pretty appropriate for her. My only problem with her is her fairly constant use of scatological terms, but you can't deny the power of a lot of her lyrics. Again, not for everyone, but very emotionally moving if you're into her style. I can't agree with the "boring" comment though. Obviously someone who hasn't listened to very many of her songs.
  3. I'm hoping against hope that Dylan releases an actual NEW album in 2006. It's been almost 5 years since Love and Theft.
  4. I've seen them live twice, and they are, for my money, the most amazing live band out there right now. 1st time I saw them was at a festival with about 30 other bands (including Wilco, The Frames, Modest Mouse, etc...), and they were the band everybody was talking about afterwards The 2nd time I saw them, they closed the show by walking up the aisles during the last song and playing an encore in the lobby of the theatre. Insane onstage energy - they jump around a lot and have such an intense presence. Hard to explain. iTunes just released an EP of 3 songs they played live with David Bowie at a benefit in New York. Check it out. Definitely one of my current favorite bands.
  5. I didn't read the whole thread, so these have probably already been mentioned, but "Ghostbusters" was on this morning, and it still makes me giddy with laughter. The other one is "The Blues Brothers" - I think it's a guy thing. I can never get tired of that movie.
  6. Amos Lee opened for Dylan last spring. He reminded me a little of Jim Croce, of all people. Nice voice, nice relaxed style. Glad to see he's doing well.
  7. I still love "Moondance" - especially Side One (for you old vinyl ppl like me). But Astral Weeks is pretty unique. Van's still the man. His new stuff is wonderful as well.
  8. What can I say? I'm a sucker for a trivia contest... Plus, my Songfacts t-shirt is getting a little worn. Need to win me another one of those bad boys!
  9. XTC has a greatest hits collection called "Upsy Daisy Assortment - The Sweetest Hits." It's quite great. The 2 CD's I would recommend most would be "Mummer" and "Oranges and Lemons," although "Skylarking" is pretty amazing as well.
  10. Yeah, it was Wild Thing, and he did burn his guitar at that show. There's this solo in that version of 'Wild Thing' that's taken from the song 'Strangers in the Night'. Very cool.
  11. I got SEVEN! This is probably the most random guessing I've ever done on one of these. I will admit I looked up the Flaming Lips one, but I still got 6 right on pure luck. Well, maybe 5. Number one was pure skill.
  12. This kind of thing always makes me feel insecure, like being in gym class and not getting picked for the basketball team. Can I play? Oh, guess not......
  13. When Jimi Hendrix played at Monterey, he announced that he was going to do the "combined English and American national anthem." Anybody remember what song he played? (a little mini-trivia quiz for y'all)
  14. Wow Gina, I think you have a pretty good case there, although #5 might be a little iffy (do they really PERFORM the song in the movie?). Either way, good job on the research...
  15. Hard to pin the Beatles down to one song, since they evolved so much in their 8 year run of brilliance. Plus, they should get one song each for Paul and John. So I'd add Love Me Do, just to represent John & the early period. Plus I think the lyrics are brilliant. I like Black Dog better as a signature song. Zeppelin was all about stealing blues riffs, and that one even got 'em sued! OK, hang on, did you not say signature SONGS? These are ALBUMS! What's that about? At least choose one track as a signature. Besides which, I'm going to throw out Bike as the signature song of Syd Barrett-era Floyd, with Money probably best representing post-Barrett. I have to agree this was his signature tune until he went all disco on us. Now, of course, it would be "Night and Day" or some old jazz chestnut like that.... :-) This surprises me a little. I guess I think of Rumors as such a definitive album for Fleetwood Mac, I would have expected one of the songs from there to get the nod. Personally, I absolutely love "Bleed to Love Her", but that really only represents Lindsay, not the whole band. As much as I'd love to mention any number of more interesting Who songs, I think the 2 choices above work best. As for Skynyrd, ditto.
  16. Saw them in Vancouver a few months back. A friend bought the tickets from a f***ing eBay scalper, so I paid him the $150/ticket, figuring it was worth it. I was right. Second time I've seen them. No concert experience compares to a U2 show, in my experience at least. Never seen Springsteen, which I imagine might come close. The energy, the musicianship, the whole feel of the show is indescribable. Anyway, I actually heard there were fans who bought tickets on eBay that ended up being fake and they couldn't get into the show. Can you imagine $150 and turned away at the door? Somebody needs to do something about the scalping business. It's a crime, isn't it? Should be.
  17. Arcade Fire, Of Montreal, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, Noise for Pretend, The Decemberists, The Shins, Xiu Xiu, A.C. Newman, Aqueduct, Ted Leo & The Pharmacists, Regina Spektor, Dresden Dolls. Hm, I fear I may have gone overboard. Let's just start with Of Montreal. They sometimes sound like the Beatles, circa 1966, but they also have some great, driving bass lines in a more funky style. Harmonies, poppy guitar riffs, and righteous hooks. Their new album is "The Sunlandic Twins", and the song "Wraith Pinned to the Mist" should be in a Volkswagen commercial if it's not already. :: Oh, and they're not from Montreal. But Arcade Fire are, and they're amazing!
  18. Yeah, it's funny to hear the "post-punk" label applied nowadays, what with 12 million bands calling themselves punk, most of whom weren't even born when Sid Vicious died. Anyway, Pavement is wonderfully challenging music - has anyone ever figured out what Malkmus was talking about? I just saw the Pixies live a couple of months ago. They were incredibly tight and LOUD. They really honor the Ramones tradition of play a song, bang, play another song, bang, no messing around. I think they played 20 songs in a little over an hour. I don't think they really fit the genre, but I always had a soft spot for Camper Van Beethoven. They were around during that same period, and they actually just re-formed and put out a new album last year. Maybe a bit too folky to be "post-punk", but a cool band all the same.
  19. hey sammy! how are things in hurricane land, man?
  20. Yes! I'm watching the Wonderfalls DVD right now! It's sooooooooooooo great!
  21. Hm.... OK. But when does Dylan's next album come out? ::
  22. Hmm.... hate to sound grumpy, but I saw these guys open for U2 and I wasn't impressed. Maybe they sound better on CD than they do live.
  23. It's true this thread has been done before, but there have been some relatively recent covers that stand out for me: Ben Kweller's "Ice Ice Baby" is both hilarious AND rockin and Ted Leo makes "Since U Been Gone" into an actual song! Check it totally out.
  24. As far as jazz players go, I seem to always know Joe Pass when I hear him. Beautiful tone.
  25. If you get into the acapella sound, check out The Bobs. They're more of a comedy act at times, but they've been very solid musically for about 20 years now. I've seen them live many times. I did see the Transfers live a LONG time ago, and they were fabulous. Cheryl Bentyne is from the town where I live, and I saw her do a solo gig of all Cole Porter tunes a couple of years ago. Amazing.
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