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The guy that was playing the slot machine next to me tonight looked just like Uncle Junior from the Sopranos....He asked me what to do coz he got some bonus spin...I showed him what to do...then he asked "Whatsa you name?"...I told him, he said "Thanka you very much"....It really was amazing how much he looked like him.....

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I just found this video on youtube... I'm in it somewhere down there in front. It's the RCPM concert I went to after the D-backs game in July... during this song two people went hauling butt across the field and got tackled like NFL players - one of them was a woman. We saw them after the concert and the guy was all bloody. It happens right at the part of the song where he sings "We could run around the lawn until we're both exhausted..." Roger at D-backs game

At the concert the following Friday, Roger gave them a shout out and told anybody who does that again to at least do it naked. :laughing: :laughing:

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Razor & Sweetest of Janes:

First off I'm not Gay :P but Bon Jovi not only had ONE great song but he looks damned good for his age. He's done something right or at least followed the better path throughout his life.

Any musician's dream is to cut one great song . . . well:

JBJ did . . . if only he had stopped then . . .

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