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Song to get a girl to go out with me


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I wouldn't malign the 'sympathy shag' either - hell, if I was in the market I'd happily play any old sh*te for that kind of sympathy!

Of course, I'd have my finger on the 'off-button' faster than she could ask "You ok?"!

No, thinking about it I would draw the line at 'soft rock' though.. lol

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Yeah, but you don't want to come across as an old guy trying to be down wit da kids either...

May I suggest a little Tim Buckley to show your romantic side...

Good point..last time I was 'down with the kids' it led to all sorts of trouble (I'm on some sort of register now :( )

Tim B....good call. It worked in the 70's so it should still work now...Dolphins would be my choice.

I wouldn't want to even try and make love to Bryan Adams...if you know what I mean?


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I think I know what you mean. Those songs just go on for too long.

But it might bring a whole new meaning to "The Summer of 69"...

:laugh: :bow: :)

My mother was known to love 'Keep On Running' by Spencer Davis, however, on reflection, if you tried it on to that with some laydee she might have cause to think you were a predatory psychopath and it could stifle the mood somewhat. I think I have mentioned before how I was indelibly scarred (and a little scared) when my father bought 'Hot Love' by T-Rex and played it on repeat.....I had to run away from home.

I have always stayed clear of the 'Let's Get it On' end of the seductive spectrum, maybe if I was taller and blacker it might have worked. I preferred to play the 'wistful nerd' ticket (to good effect, I can tell you).

I have to say, the invention of the 12" single upped my game considerably and, by the end of the decade I could just about manage the whole side of a Crusaders album. :)

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Not that I'm easy!
It's not that I'm hard. No, hang on, I didn't mean that...I mean I could be 'hard', but I'm not easy..no, wait a second...what I meant was...It could be easy to be hard with you?...no, err..I'm getting flustered here...put on the Commodores :)

Sod it...put on Smokie. :blush: :) :blush:

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SJ: Beware! johnnyguitar is a renowned serial seducer: word on the ground is that he had to have clinical treatment for sex addiction, such were his preternatural skills of irresistible persuasion with the laydeez. I'd hate to see you hurt. ;)

b-f thanks for the warning, but maybe it's johnny you should be worried about??? ;)

Remember I am the one with the dirtiest laugh you have ever heard, makes you wonder what else is going on in that mind of mine, now doesn't it??? :grin:

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Ok Ok...I'll come clean. This tongue-tied buffoon that I play in order to seduce impressionable babes is a complete con. Actually I have a black belt 7th Dan in the Marital Arts. :) Although...nowadays it does occasionally take me all night to do what I used to do all night. As the old saying goes. :(

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