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What time/day is it where you are?

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Monday 11/6/2007 2:28PM in the Monkton Combe compter room, Tamsin is spending most of her time on the computer on Songfacts websites and lower sixth formers are bouncing a hockey ball upstairs.....lol, sorry, it just reminds me of the tiny bits of Big Brother I see! :D

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So when someone asks you what the date is, do you reply 15, October or October 15th? The day before the month seems odd to me. I do not see what difference it makes, though, other than sounding a little strange. It's not like you would not comprehend what the person was telling you.

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^ is that so? I thought that time would be 10:10, because it subconsciously looks like a smiley :)

It's 10:10 for me too, but I heard that was because apart from the aesthetics, the hands of the watch in that position usually frame the name of the maker.

It's Midday here on Planet Magrathea.

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