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Most Underrated Guitarists

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:neener: JUST KIDDING! :neener:

I don't know about underated guitarists, but I will say that John Paul Jones of Led Zeppelin is an underated bass guitarist. He does some great basswork and his mandolin is great on battle of evermore. He is kind of underated, because Robert, Jimi, and the other John get a ton of well deserved attention, but JPJ needs more.

Also Joe Satriani, and when I say that, I mean he is underated in that you will never hear him on mainstream radio. Fortunately though, he gets the respect he deserves from the guitar world.

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2!!!David Gilmour!!!2

3!!John Petrucci!!3

4!Leo Kottke!4

5Randy Rhoads5

Whoever posted this, I like your style. Slash is amazing

And whoever said Curt Cobain, you are in the wrong discussion. This is 'underrated guitarists', not 'way way way overrated guitarists :beady:

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another underrated guitarist i forgot about would have to be jerry cantrell of alice in chains.

He does a good job at both electric & acoustic. His work on Facelift followed by Dirt, IMO is his best, but I also like the Unplugged album.

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Why oh why, must I bring the obvious to the surface!!

alex2008.jpg with the double neck! A classic photo!!!

Playing Bravado I'll bet! rush5.jpg

A favorite shot of mine -


Alex's guitar prowess started at the age of 11, when his parents bought him his first guitar. Formed in 1969, Rush has become Canada's foremost progressive rock band to date. After three moderately successful releases, the band reached a worldwide audience with "2112." With Lifeson's searing guitars, Geddy Lee's innovative bass lines, and Neil Peart's groundbreaking drumming, the band continues to break ground that it established some three decades ago. During a break in the band's touring schedule, Lifeson tried his hand with a solo effort, "Victor," which was released to critical acclaim. With the release of the band's 20th album, they continue to astound audiences worldwide.

Thank you for your support! :guitar:


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I'm still with you Mike. Alex gets overshadowed at times by the other two members, maybe he shouldn't be. Watching him play several weeks ago was very impressive. What did you think about the job he did with "Crossroads"? I was totally sober for the first half of the show and only drank one beer at the break, maybe I was just more observant than I have been at past shows.

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I know your with me Cindy, because you have incredible taste in people and music. ;)

I don't think anyone in Rush overshadows or is overshadowed, I don't think they care if they are number 1 or number 873,179,523 in the list of good/great musicians. They just do what they do, they enjoy it and they want others to enjoy it too. They all have and make a lot of money and seem to be having a good time in life.

Alex's fingers are starting to become aged, and as he stated in the Rio-dvd documentary, he has had issues.

He is and has always been "underrated" (IMHO) but so are a lot of musicians.

By the way, I didn't have a drop of liquor at the show, my 12-yo daughter was with me so I refrained, I would have normally had a couple brews.

Take care,


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