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Most Underrated Guitarists

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No problem with that nomination...looked like a tyre-fitter in drag though...that make-up never really suited him...more like a 'bandy highwayman' if memory serves :laughing:

Tony Peluso (oddly awesome guitarist with the Carpenters...they'd do some godawful slosh and then he'd rip in with an overdriven fuzzmeister of a solo...e.g 'Goodbye to Love')

Geoff Muldaur (Husband of the beautiful Maria)...the solo in 'Midnight at the Oasis' is jaw-droppingly difficult and I defy any of the poodle-haired, be-spandexed widdlers of today to get anywhere near it.

Just a couple to mull over. ;)

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...and while we're at it, the late great Robert Quine....from Richard Hell and the Voidoids and the Velvet Underground to Matthew Sweet....sadly deceased now, but one of the most tunefully oblique guitarists ever...every solo he starts sounds like it's going to end in some sort of harmonic carnage...but, somehow, he rescues it from the flames and leaves you with that f-cked, sore, but happy feel....(what's the best smilie to end a sentence like that with?) :stars:

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