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Above, Middle and Below-The Sequel


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I have a myspace and my browser can barely open it. I have songfacts. I have my friends in Spain who have web pages so we send messages to each other that way too. I also have my mates from school in France and Argentina e-mailing me every day. And there´s something that needs most of my time: real life! so if I had myface I guess I just would need a 48 hours day...

Do you have time for myspace, songfacts, emails, web, wiki, facebook, etc?


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^ They were for me, just because I didn't have the responsibilities I have now.

> Mark Wills: "Now I've got a mortgage and an SUV and all this responsibility makes me wish sometimes it was 1970-something..."

V What year would you go back and live over EXACTLY as you lived it already, if you could?

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