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Above, Middle and Below-The Sequel


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^ Every now and then, yes. It's usually my school instructor or my boss at work. :grin:

> My neighbor approached me yesterday and apologized for being a *^@* and swore she wouldn't do it any more. This is, of course, after I called the cops on her.

V Have you ever called the cops on one of your neighbors?

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^^^ well... it's a condo situation, and her living room and my master bedroom are a common wall. There were a few times when she had her TV cranked so loud it could be heard 3 doors down - and the neighbors on the other side of me complained, too.

^ NO. Heavens, I've never wanted to forget about this site. :shocked:

> So, I talked to her twice, and it didn't make a damn bit of difference. So finally when I could hear every show she was watching from about midnight til about 3 a.m., and I had to get up to go to school in three hours, I called the cops. They showed up and she's been quiet as a church mouse ever since.

V Now, wasn't that story worth waiting for? :grin:

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