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Have you seen me? II


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If the Seeker's fin gets any larger, then the whole seven seas shall be shut down because of:

A guy with a huge fin... bombards the Pacific and Atlantic coast regions!

Eating all bikinis in sight!

That Fin . . .yes look closer as we refocus our digital satellite camera . . .whoops, I forgot to take the lens cap off! Guess I'm fired.

Better yet, don't watch and if you do...please corral the youngsters!

I'm in the production, directorial debut of a great new movie!...It will be as a soccer player that has complete and total control of the ball.

In other words...it's not about sports.

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Yea, what happened to Kevin? There was that whole "Evil One" phase that organized fantasy football.

And then gone. Weird.

And yea, Levis disappeared too. And of course, there's always Fin. But he always pops in and out.

Weird, I've only been here a year and it seems SF is changing quite a bit...

But I've noticed with some of the returning oldies that I never knew (Old 55, Rayzor and the like) it seems to me that there have been a lot of changes of scenery around here

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