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What sweetens your coffee today II

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I try, but I live with someone who is a serial complainer and very negative.  Almost everyday, I lose patience early in the morning and then feel like a loser the rest of the day.  So staying positive

Howdy, ya'll.

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Hey ! Get off SF and go bust somebody -I hear that town's full of hooligans - you won't even have to go far ! Earn that raise , me lad - and remember what they taught you at the academy , " Everyone's guilty ... of something ! " Pluribis Guiltos Innexorious ! :)

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I'm going on a shopping spree with my bonus money..this makes me so happy because I haven't been clothes shopping in a long, long time...and then I'm going out to lunch...Okay, I have to go get ready now...Joe, give me 5 minutes to get ready :jester: and I'll meet ya at Chili's for lunch, I'll buy...gotta go, catch ya all later.

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