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What sweetens your coffee today II

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I try, but I live with someone who is a serial complainer and very negative.  Almost everyday, I lose patience early in the morning and then feel like a loser the rest of the day.  So staying positive

Howdy, ya'll.

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I've just booked two tickets to see the Kings Of Leon in April. :happybanana: *

Tickets only went on sale half an hour ago.

Mrs Fitter is going to be sooooo pleased with me: sexual intercourse isn't out of the question.

Altogether now: "Oh, What a byooootiful moooooorning.........."

*My first ever employment of the dancing banana, if I'm not mistaken.

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I saw a few of my hubby's relatives that we haven't seen in many, many years....One of his Uncles asked him, while I was standing there with my two girls..."So these are your three beautiful daughters?"....That made my day! :shades:

But then my smart alec hubby did say to me later "ya know Uncle Frankie does like to tip the bottle a little bit"...I smacked hubby with my purse...pretty hard! :laughing:

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