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I'll admit to being a bit baffled by MySpace, but I thought we should have a presence there, since I'm noticing that many songwriters, musicians and others in the industry have sites there. So, if yo

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MySpace is the bottomless pit of HELL that rots the brains of the weak and likeable. With its seemingly intuitive layout and friendly child predators nearby, anyone would be drawn to it--parents, grandparents, children, dogs. But alas! It is a charade of gargantuan proportions, consuming not only our schools, but our very LIVES.

"Wow, it sure is easy to send a friends request," you'll say, innocently unaware of the terrors that may await behind that username.

Soon, you find yourself desperately trying to fit into a mold so that you'll be "popular," and have many "friends." Goth, emo, hippie, child predator... before you know it, you'll be taking pictures of yourself from unusual angles, or taking OTHER PEOPLES' pictures. Eventually, you may even pretend to be the opposite gender so as to appeal to the other fools sucked into this vortex of lust, popularity, and acceptance.

The next day, you receive a package in the mail from one of your "friends." My, what a nice outfit they sent you. Then another one... and another... until finally, your "friend" tells you that he's coming to SEE YOU. Innocent and enamored to this attention you've sought all your life, you unknowningly fall right into your friend's hand...

After beating you to pieces and cutting up your bloodied and broken corpse, your friend will leave and start the whole process over again on another hapless victim.

Be warned... the next time there's a rapping at your door... it could be a MySpace user.

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tallone, alexia and nahamage: you are soo much stronger than me :thumbsup: :P

but you don't know what they DID to me to get me to sign up :puppyeyes:

I tried to resist, I really did!!

You just can't imagine what they tried... I tried to stay strong, but after 48 hours without food or sleep and Modern Talking on repeat,

I just couldn't go on... :puppyeyes: :puppyeyes:

but while it's too late for me, there's still hope for you! Run! and run fast! before it's too late... I think they may even be on their way to get you!

but you're lucky! there's a way to first fool them and finaly beat them with their own means.

You simply have to...

*HEY what are you doing here? Who told you were I live?

Hey... What are you holding there? Whoa wait a minute...

NO! I didn't want to tell them anything!! NOO! DON'T COME NEAR ME!!!



(sounds of breaking things)


(muffled voices: muahahahahahaha!)





MySpace is cool!

I <3 MySpace!!

MySpace ROCKZORZ THE BIG ONE 111!!!!oneoneone!!

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I think I'm the one teenager who doesn't have a Myspace. I'm not planning on getting one either. I'm not sure why, I just don't have the need for one.

My goodness thank you! I thought I was the only one...:D mind you, i can't get Myspace on my computer anyway so yeah, but i wouldn't choose to have one, from what people have told me it's to be advoided, but mybe they were being unfair... :P:)

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You can see why we had to start a MySpace page - no matter what you think of it, it's hard to ignore, especially in the realm of music.

My cousin is going to teach me how to trick out the page and make it look fishy, and we should have some actual content on there before too long.

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Still, it saddens me that my generation has now been labeled the "Myspace Generation". What a crappy legacy.

:laughing: yeah, I agree there! i don't think there is anyway for me to be sucked into MySpace, it's actully highly improbable that i would join. (carefully staying away from the word "impossible" as nothing is truelly impossible)

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