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I'll admit to being a bit baffled by MySpace, but I thought we should have a presence there, since I'm noticing that many songwriters, musicians and others in the industry have sites there. So, if yo

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I don't have the time for MySpace at home and at work it's blocked, so I'll have to continue my lifelong streak of being uncool.

Jenny, I have a myspace account and I don´t use it, I feel just as uncool as you... which means so so so so cool... :cool:

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So many people have an account that cool now means not having one (Only to be topped by Edna having one and refusing to use it).

It's taken THIS long for me to finally do something cool? (Aahhhh, I'm to relish this moment for awhile)

Actually I did register "pinkfloyd1973" but I never developed it.

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You know those warnings on the main site where they tell you to make sure that the address line of your browser says myspace.com when you log in--I clicked on something and it told me to log in again, so I did, got an error page and then noticed that I'd logged in via tmi.com or something.I changed my password, but just in case you receive some kinds of bulletins from my account...I didn't send them.

I think it will be fine though.

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