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I dunno. On one level, it's undeniably entertaining in a Pythonesque sort of way, but also quite tragic, when viewed in context. "The handshake" is pretty much the only concrete symbol of cooperation between these two countries, which were previously just one country until the British Empire interfered with its policy of "divide and rule". So this entire, elaborate ceremony takes place every day to symbolise the closing off of the two countries from each other; a process which, in reality, was drenched in bloodshed, pain, suffering and British shame. All that bloodshed of the past, which continues in the ongoing bloody struggle over Kashmir - one of the most beautiful parts of our planet, by many accounts - is encapsulated in that amusing display of "silly walks".

Impressive performance, nonetheless

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I have had Red Belly Piranha's for years. Their an awesome fish. Very pretty. I only have one right now and probably won't get more after this one dies.

I'm tired of messing with the tanks.

They aren't really anything at all like Hollywood likes to portray them . Their quite shy and make nice pets :D

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