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why is it that everytime I post something like this I have to dig with a jackhammer until I finally get such reaction out of someone...

is it such a foreign concept to just ask "Farin, I have no idea what he's babbling about, could you please translate the text or tell me what's it about?" ?


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why sure :)

you have to know that the lyrics are actually very poetic, which makes it very hard to translate, but I'll try my luck with the last verse :)

Millionen Legionen = "Millions (of) Legions"

It was the night of the vampires

in the city of the wild animals

they pull me to them

if I loose my balance

I'll submerge and melt into this mass of mutants

soulless wanderers, and their relatives

And I'm struggling to the heavens

for a change of the spirit

raise my hands to god

or whoever's hanging around there

Sovereign of my life -

this throne is mine

cause I live and govern here.

And then I lift my quill as a shield against the pain

that reaches me from the battlefield of love.

Although it seems as if everyone here sings gloomy songs

I'll wash myself clean of the slime

and enter new grounds.

This boy's standing at the edge

and with nothing in his hands

without fear in his eyes

and his back to the wall


and then he calls on every Superheroes, every great Master

every Highlander, every Warrior

every good spirit

every Superfreak, and Chosen Ones

and he calls me

and has Millions of Legions behind him

well, do you know now what it's about? :)

...me neither :grin:

but it's such a great song :bow:

with the sitar alone and I just learned today that the first instrument is a "subcontrabassflute"


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