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Who Would YOU like to head butt ?


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Since our World Cup thread has likely run it's course now , I'm wondering , given Zidane's antics, just who you like to throw a random head butt at ... ( for no good reason even ) ;) ?

Dick Cheny



Sepp Blater

Lou Dobbs

Rush Limbaugh

Hillary Clinton

American Idol contestants

Cellular phone users who immediately answer and go' go into that happy trance' while having just spoke to you a second ago

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The commentators who said Robinson was a better goalie than Ricardo.

Oh wait... I'd rather just sit back and laugh at them.

HALLELUJAH. I thought Portugal was going the whole way :( Being from Canada, who doesn't yet have a contending team, I was rooting for them.

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we had a commentator say that figo was the greatest portuguese footballer of all time!

*ahem* Eusébio da Silva Ferreira???!

The commentators were English or Irish or both (there were two of them)... and they were blatantly rooting for England. :mad: Made me want Portugal to win even more.

Oh... and my apologies to English fans, but I'd like a conehead to head butt Wayne Rooney. I don't like him.

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i find it unlikely that an irish commentator would be rooting for england! one out of five on the irish panel was rooting for england, and he was english!

in zidane-related news, materazzi admits insulting zidane but denies calling him a terrorist or referring to his mother. what else could he have said to warrant such a reaction? i would love to know!

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I just heard that Sophie Eliss Bextor has been found dead from head-butts at the house of a French footballer...

Unconfirmed reports are suggesting she's dead on Zidane's floor....

..dead on Zidane's floor... Zidane's floor.... geddit...

Oh never mind!

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