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Who Would YOU like to head butt ?


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One of my co workers....in my job there are two kinds of people who we groan at, the ones who don't get it and the ones who don't want to get it. She's the second type. Does things her own way on purpose, even if it's the wrong way.

At least the dumb ones you can deal with....

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Please explain this unbeknownst example because this dog loves learning new tricks.

Nothing up my sleeve ! ! !


I was at a party some 8 years ago at a bar. A waitress was going around with a tray of shots in a test tube. I was already jacked up when she first came around, so I am not sure if the test tube was purple or if the shot was purple. The shot had a flavor to it that was pleasing, so I had quite a few of them. It could have been Dymatap Elixir for all I know.

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