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This morning while driving home I had Deep Purple's "Made In Japan" album blasting at a high decibel level. As a teen I would listen to this album quite often. It still ranks first in my book. Highway Star and Smoke On The Water with the greatest riff ever still gets the old blood flowing!

Another live album (ranks second) is Grand Funk's "Caught In The Act" album. There is an outrageously long drum solo on the TNUC track for you drummer fans.

What other great live albums would you recommend?

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Hey Jimmy - I'm a fanatical fan of 'live' albums!!

Here are some favs that I also have listed at another site so here's some copy & paste ... :D

Live - Frank Marino & Mahogany Rush

- This was the first album that literally blew me away - guitar wise. Before Eddie and Randy, we had Frank.

If You Want Blood, You've Got It - AC/DC

- The 'live' versions of "Hell Ain't A Bad Place To Be", "Bad Boy Boogie", "Whole Lotta Rosie", & "Let There Be Rock" are better than their studio counterparts.

Live! You Get What You Play For - REO Speedwagon

- One of my all-time favourite guitar solos is on "(Only A) Summer Love", courtesy of Gary Richrath. Also, Gary's solo on the faster section of "Golden Country" puts goosebumps on my goosebumps. WARNING: The CD release omitted some tunes from the original LP and one in particular is "Gary's Guitar Solo."

Captured Live! - Johnny Winter

- JW was my first favourite 'Blues' guitarist. Johnny's playing just blows me away, especially on this live release.

Get Yer Ya-Ya's Out - The Rolling Stones

- "I think I busted a button on my trousers ... hope they don't fall down. You don't want my trousers to fall down, now do ya?" - Mick Jagger

Double Live Gonzo - Ted Nugent

- "Anyone who wants to get mellow can turn around and get the f*** out of here." - Ted Nugent

All The World's A Stage - Rush

- I still prefer the version (on this album) of "2112" over the studio.

Made in Japan - Deep Purple

- "Here's a song which is also from the last album. It tells the story of how we recorded it and what went wrong when we did it. It happened in Switzerland, the song, a thing called Smoke On The Water, this one." - Ian Gillan

Live at the Fillmore East 1970 - Ten Years After

One More From the Road - Lynyrd Skynyrd

Alive! - KISS

- "Sorry to have taken so long. It must have been a bitch while I was gone ..." - 100,000 Years

Live! Blow Your Face Out - J. Geils Band

At Budokan - Cheap Trick

Live In Concert - James Gang

- The drum solo by Jim Fox on "Lost Woman" is one of the best ever caught on tape. Too bad it's not a long solo.

In Concert - Rare Earth

Roadwork - Edgar Winter

- You gotta love Rick Derringer's guitar work. Also, brother Johnny (Winter) makes an appearance.

You Can't Argue With A Sick Mind - Joe Walsh

- The best version of "Walk Away" can be found here.

The Beatles At The Hollywood Bowl - The Beatles

Johnny Winter And ... Live - Johnny Winter

At the Rainbow - Focus

- Jan Akkerman is a great guitarist.

Full House - J. Geils Band

- In my youth, I would play "First I Look At the Purse" and "Whammer Jammer" more than the others.

Backstage Pass - The Stampeders

- "Johnny Lightning" is worth the price of admission.

Live Magnetic Air - Max Webster

Frampton Comes Alive - Peter Frampton

Got Live If You Want It - The Rolling Stones

* * * * *

Okay, I'm sure I've missed some. Also, I made that list last year so other than the first few, the order has probably changed.

:guitar: :drummer:

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the Allman Brothers at Fillmore East Live

Duane Allman and Dickey Betts twin lead guitar's

plus 2 percussionists in this 7 piece outfit...

('71 release)

imo, this album shows why Duane Allman is ranked right up there with the best guitarists...



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Frampton Comes Alive - Peter Frampton

This is all I've ever heard from him, but so good.

"Exit Stage Left" by Rush

And the envelope says,

Best Group

Best Live Performance

Best Drum Solo

Best Song with Biblical Reference

Best Song about an Automobile



It wins in every category

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The few legal Beach Boys' related live albums I've listened to are very good. There's one from California, one from London and one from Knebworth beach (which was recorded in 1980).

But another great one of that kind was the Brian Wilson Roxy Theatre dates. The backing band are called The Wondermints, and are certainly worth checking out..

There are some great conversatory moments in the live set, too..

"Okay, what's your favourite song in the whole whole world?"

[numerous shouts of "Good Vibrations", amongst other tracks]

"Brown Eyed Girl you like? Really? Really?!?!?! Well, I'll be goddamned!"

Of course, Mike led the onstage presence when Brian was with The Beach Boys.

"..We're actually quite nervous about this one. This is the only song we do in our live sets which is recorded a capella, which means, nude."

(Numerous whoops from audience)

"How the hell do I play this woo-woo machine?! [to audience] They want me to play this woo-woo machine!"

Then there's also the live version of Graduation Day..

"This one's dedicated to everyone in the audience who's just graduated from grade school. And all you who have just graduated from junior high or high, or high school. That is if you happen to make it out of high school, yeah. If you haven't there's always hair school, I mean night school"

Great stuff. But then, I would always say that...

Love and mercy


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The Kids Are Alright The Who

Nighthawks at the Diner Tom Waits


Tom Waits: Guitar, Piano, Vocals

Pete Christlieb: Saxophone, Tenor Sax

Lew Tabackin: Saxophone

Jack Sheldon: Trumbet

Jim Hugart: Bass

Shelly Manne: Drums


A timeless live-in-studio performance by one of the most original artists of the past 30 years. This album has the distinctly bohemian feel of a smoky Greenwich village café transplanted onto the blooming desert wasteland of the Los Angeles metropolitan region. His lyrics are random and poetic, sketching out shifty characters and strange misadventures straight out of Waits' "narcotic American night." Jazz backed and swaggering, Waits lures you into his lurid underworld of all-night diners and forgotten truck stops. Nighthawks resounds with the intimacy of a small night club caught in the midst of an inspired after-hours session. Waits swings and rhymes over walking bass lines, lightly brushed cymbals, and breathy saxophones, creating an atmosphere heavy with smoke and the clang of empty bottles. Opening the album with a comically bleak "Emotional Weather Report," Waits sets the tone of what is to follow, singing with self-effacing candor about his alcohol drenched loneliness and desperation. "Eggs & Sausage" aches beautifully with a hunger that can't be satisfied by the greasy fare and heartburn of late-night dives. He sings about obsessive love in "Nobody." Despite his reluctant vulnerability, Waits is no sap, and his schtick is always that of the tough guy loner. He proclaims the virtues of his go-it-alone philosophy in "Better Off Without a Wife." He tells epic tales of the bazaar, such as the engrossing "Ballad of Big Joe and Phantom 309." Having packed the studio audience with sympathizers, Waits knows he is singing to the choir, as he launches into comic spoken-word interludes between songs that tear the house down. This is a great album for playing poker, shooting dice, or going on a lost-weekend tour through the underbelly of America. Waits' genius and theatrical charm are in strong evidence, and at 70 minutes in length, the fun goes on and on. Throw away your books on tape and pop this into your deck!

---John Ballon (email)

I could not have said it better! Seriously, I'm not that good a writer :(

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