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Debra Lafave

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Sooooo, anyone have any thoughts on this topic?

I think a 14 YO boy know what he is doing and especially with a teacher that looks like THIS!

It's a difficult subject, technically, yeah he's a minor. But I think back to when I was 14 and I think... excuse me for a minute....

What's your opinion.

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It's noticeable that the "boy" is claiming to have been traumatised by the intense media coverage, but not by the "events" themselves...

These situations arise every now and then, and there's always some nincompoop suggesting that the boy must have been "mentally-scarred" by his attractive young teacher's attentions. I was mentally-scarred by many things during my school years: an intense carnal encounter or two with Mrs Willerton might just have made those years a lot more bearable.

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well clearly what happened is wrong. if it had been a 14-year-old girl and a male teacher nobody would question that. you could never say that a 14 year-old girl "should have known better" and a boy should be treated with the same respect for his innocence. for an adult to have 'relations' with a minor is wrong and particularly so when that adult is in a position of authority and has been entrusted with the care of the child. i agree that the woman in question is very attractive and that it is very unlikely that the boy was particularly resistant to what happened. but it shouldn't have happened and she needs to live with her punishment, just like a man in the same situation would.

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From what I understand she basically received no punishment. House arrest and probation I believe.

Had it of been a man that did the same things to a 14-year-old girl, I dare say the outcome would have been much more severe for him.

That being said, if I was the 14-year-old boy, I would have done the same thing. She is some smokin' hot babe!!

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When I was 14, I would have given anything to hump a few of my female teachers.

Where was this girl when I was 14? :googly:

I think it's a lot of bull about the kid's innocence.

Not only myself, but every one of my friends were looking to get laid at that age and even before.

At 14, you know what you want, and unless you are forced, you shouldn't cast the blame on someone else.

This kid had sex with an adult on his own free will because he wanted it, not because he was forced.

If it wasn't with the teacher, he would have been in bed with one of his peers instead.

He should accept his part in it and stop placing blame on the teacher.

Sounds to me that he and his family are more interested in media attention by playing the "victim", instead of admitting that he was not forced and that he could have said "no" if he wanted to.


I wonder if I can use the wayback machine and go back to age 14 in Florida. :shades: :jester:

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