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Song for a friend


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How about Friends by Elton John:

I hope the day will be a lighter highway

For friends are found on every road

Can you ever think of any better way

For the lost and weary travellers to go

Making friends for the world to see

Let the people know you got what you need

With a friend at hand you will see the light

If your friends are there then everything's all right

It seems to me a crime that we should age

These fragile times should never slip us by

A time you never can or shall erase

As friends together watch their childhood fly

repeat verse two

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Hi littlel30......There are so many songs about friendships, both intimate and social. Here are a few that I came up with:

You've Got A Friend - Carole King (or James Taylor)

I'll Be There - Michael Jackson

Oh How The Years Go By - Amy Grant

Stand By Me - Ben E. King

Whenever I Call You Friend - Kenny Loggins

My Friend - Blessed Union Of Souls

Any Time You Need A Friend - Mariah Carey

I Will Be Your Friend - Amy Grant

Lean On Me - Bill Withers

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Kind of an obscure (but just dynamite) ballad by a Canadian singer/poet "These Friends Of Mine" - Ian Tyson

You may recite/record one of my poems if you wish:

Forks In The Road

We met early on a Monday; by Friday we were friends

Neither one suspecting that that week would never end

Bound by road forks we chose or built together

Exploring with a faith that love grows shared forever

Longtime friend, true chum, a mate, my brother

Whatever friendship offers - found within the other

Sharing better natures, aimed by that yet shared

Quiet when required; listening whispers, “Cared.â€

Never fearing experience nor dependencies allowed

In resilient terms, with bonds of steel, devoted and avowed

Thank you, friend, for lessons learned by staying to that road

And as the trail winds to its peak, your back that shared my load.

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And I have to say also whenever I hear Creed's My Sacrifice it reminds me of a friend I had in high school. We drifted apart through no one's fault but time and if I ever got a hold of his email addy or postal address I'd send the song to him. Check that one out too. :)

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