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Have you ever turned someone on??

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awwww..I thought this was gonna be a juicy thread... :jester:....

I got Katie into Badfinger! :)

Katie got me into Mondo Rock...

Yeah! Laurie did get me into Badfinger. And I told Foxy about Mondo Rock!

I was already kinda into T-Rex and ELO but Uncle Joe and RonJon's song/album recommendations made me go and buy cds and really really get into their music.

I read an album review in the reviews forum about The Cars, and what Edna and RonJon said about them made me go buy more cds! Now I loves the Cars too :D

I got my brother into Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, The Doors and Kiss. And he's grateful :D :D

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Big thanks to Uncle Joe for turning me on to "The Joy of Cooking", a bluesy group from San Fransico in the early 70's. Two chicks front the band and the sound is amazing. It is a shame they didn't make it big, and I don't really understand why, they were signed to a major label at the time, Capital, but didn't really take off. I read that it was because the band was lead by two chicks. Hard to believe, Janis was before them, Grace Slick, Joni Mitchell, and other great female artists of the times. Their CD's have been released now on a British label. If you get the chance check them out!!

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I turned Carl on to Roger! :grin: He even interviewed him while he was here. I get to transcribe the interview as soon as I'm back in Phoenix. Carl says he will use it for various songfacts, and I will post the good parts.

Carl also said he was really afraid of not liking Roger's music... he'd set up the interview on my behest before ever even listening to anything. But the day before the interview he took a Roger CD on a hike and listened to it and said he was very happy to actually really like it. :grin: So that makes two!

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Ok want to expand this thread a little. Let's turn each other on, pick an artist you are into and tell us a little about them or link us to their website, see if you can turn someone on to what you are into. I think it will be interesting to see what we want others to take a listen to.

I pick Joe Bonamassa. He is a young talented blues artists. He sings like he has lived the blues and plays guitar like BB and Clapton are in his hands. Check him out. Let me know what you think.


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