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Sweet Jane 61

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'the way young lovers do' is incredible! i prefer the sin-é version. i listen to it over and over and try to learn from his techniques. one of my very very favourite live recordings of jeff's is the live á l'olympia version of 'what will you say' with alim kasimov. gorgeous! 'strange fruit' and 'calling you' on sin-é are spine-tingling. i also have some bootleg tapes with various great versions of 'fare thee well' and 'night flight'. oh and i love the way he sings 'mama you've been on my mind'. i could go on forever really...

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Peter Frampton's "Show Me The Way" and "Do You Feel Like I Do?" from Frampton Comes Alive.

Stevie Nicks' "Gold and Braid" and "Edge of Seventeen" from the unauthorized tape that I made from the simulcast back in '81, and also on her "Enchanted" set.

Roger's live versions of "Down Together," "Girlie," "Mekong," "Dolly," "Jack vs. Jose,"... okay, so everything Roger does, he does well, live or studio. :bow: :rockon: :bow: :rockon: :bow: :rockon:

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