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  1. Ed24345

    What's the last CD you bought/got?

    The Chess box set of Howlin' Wolf.
  2. Don't bring me down-ELO
  3. Ed24345

    Any concerts coming up?

    Looking forward to seeing Arlo Guthrie April 13,2011 @ the Rio Theater in Santa Cruz,Ca.!
  4. Ed24345

    Dan Fogelberg Dead at 56

    I loved his music. He will be missed! R.I.P Dan Fogelberg.
  5. Ed24345

    Delp Tribute in August

    That should be a fine one to see!
  6. Ed24345

    Elektra Records producer talks about the label.

    I love this kind of stuff. Thank's fot posting.
  7. Ed24345

    Delp Death Was Suicide

    A very sad end! Brad, I for one will not forget you now that you are gone!! Rest well!
  8. Ed24345

    Songs that you have lived.

    A few I can think of off the top of my head are: Let Her Cry-Hootie & the Blowfish Cats in the Craddle-Harry Chapin Living Years-Mike & the Mechanics Possotivly 4th St.-Bob Dylan I know there's more to come later.
  9. Ed24345

    Boston Lead Singer Dies

    I just found out moment's ago about this & feel it's definetly a sad day! He will be missed by many!
  10. Ed24345

    Favorite Novelty Song

    Look up 'Dr. Demento' who has a show out of the LA,Ca. area a7 play's nothing but novelty music. Also has quite a # of CD collections available put out by Ryno Records. I have a # of them myself.
  11. Ed24345

    Favorite Novelty Song

    Fish Heads & Dead Puppy's are 2 of my fav's.
  12. Ed24345

    Best Drug Songs

    Swamp-Talking Heads
  13. Ed24345

    Classic Instrumentals

    Also: mammajamma-Alan Parsons Project The In Crowd-Ramsy Lewis
  14. Ed24345

    Classic Instrumentals

    Fire on High by E.L.O.
  15. Ed24345

    Live Versions

    Anything Live from Stevie Ray Vaughn.. :guitar: