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Rock n' Roll has run its course

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Thank you all for replying. I agree that a lot of rock has been technologically driven from the beginning (the amplification of instruments was a key technological element of early R'n'R). Even so-called "purists" of past styles usually take advantage of some new technology. And I believe there is always the potential for invention or discovery. But right now I think we've kind of hit a brick wall with rock music (instead of trying to climb over it musicians should be more creative and open to exploring different paths of music). I also think that when something new does come along people for the most part will be open-minded enough to embrace it.

Another thing about technology is that it's the reason rock, classical, blues, rap, ect., is listened to by more people today than ever before. Actually, I bet you can't go a day without listening to music if you tried (you hear it constantly on TV, in stores, even when a car drives by your home with the radio blaring). And I know I'm thankful for the Internet and great sites like this that allow me to discover artists I haven't heard of before, new and old, without having to rely just on the radio :laughing: and my friends (one of whom works for a branch of Columbia Records and occasionally gets me free CDs)(I'd also mention shows/concerts here but you can probably imagine that music scene sucks in West Virginia).

As far as what bands will stand the test of time by 2025, I'm guessing there will be about the same number as there are today (as generations get older, the superior bands of today will replace many of the bands of the '60s, '70s, and '80s who will be lost in obscurity).

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Perhaps I too should have been clearer in my original post...

When I was referring to "kids", I really did mean just that. 5-15 year olds. That too was a rather general sweeping statement!

You only have to look through the Creative Writing section and listen to the bands being promoted in Get the Word Out to hear that today's youth is bursting with creativity and original thought.

The question I was posing in reference to youth being too preoccupied and satiated with the current fare on the radio leaves a blank answer as to whether our creativity will interest or satisfy them when most of it would have to be sought out on sites like this, or like with Scott's band, you'd actually have to go to the gig or find someone who had a CD from a gig.

With record companies and radio stations all wanting a quick, successful, albeit once-off hit from a band, they're pouring their money into trying to make a success of any "new!" "fresh!" pop band.

That is sadly, the cry of the majority.

As for the bands we'll be hearing about in 2025, I still think bands from today will be on people's personal music players and on the radio. Hopefully not on the Golden Oldies channel! I'm talking about bands like Nirvana, Nine Inch Nails, Foo Fighters, Audioslave, White Stripes, Radiohead and a handful of others.

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the killers-"indie rock n roll"


Indie rock'n'roll is what I need

It's in my soul, it's what I need

Indie rock'n'roll, it's time

Two of us

Flipping through a thrift store magazine

She plays the drums, I'm on tambourine

Bet your, your bottom dollar on me

It's Indie rock'n'roll for me

It's Indie rock'n'roll for me

It's all I need

It's Indie rock'n'roll for me

In a clutch

I'm talking every word for all the boys

Electric girls with worn down toys

Make it up, break it up, what do you care

Oh what do you care?

I take my twist with a shout

A coffee shop with a cause, then I'll freak you out

No sex, no drugs, no life, no love

When it comes to today

Stay if you wanna love me, stay

Oh don't be shy, let's cause a scene

Like lovers do on silver screens

Let's make it yeah, we'll cause a scene

It's Indie rock'n'roll for me

It's Indie rock'n'roll for me

It's all I need

It's Indie rock'n'roll for me

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Maybe the time just isn't right for another Beatles-like revolution.

Maybe there is nothing to rise up against through music or maybe we're all just too lazy.

Whatever it is, tis all irrelevant to me. I'm having a great time sifting through my parent's old record collection and searching shops for a Badfinger cd and rocking out to KISS at parties and receiving Beatles prints for my birthday and discussing the impact of the Ramones. This stuff is all new to me so I feel like rock and roll is going just fine! As Uncle said, I am busy enjoying what I've already got :D :D :D

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It may have run it's course in the sense RnR is not being created anymore. It's a tad depressing to notice that rock is being stomped on by hip-hop. But it's unlikely that something along the lines of classic rock will show up again because it won't have the same romanticism. It's not 'classic'; it's brand new. I find it hard to imagine that the hip-hop genre with its money-worship will be considered classic in the future.

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i had a thought this morning in my half-asleep state, rock n roll is most certainly not dead, the past few years there has been a bit of a drought in terms of good indie alternative rock music. and this year so many good bands have emerged, franz ferdinand (last year actually), the killers, the kaiser cheifs etc etc. and suddenly rock was back in the charts! so i think it's being revived, that's just my thoughts though

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Yeah, wait a minute, wait a minute, wait a minute

Wait a minute !

Now listen here people !

I’m talkin’ about the death of rock and roll,

And who killed it.

I’m talkin’ about the blues.

I’m talkin’ about the news.

Have you heard, have you heard,

Have you heard the word ?

Rock is dead.

Rock is dead.

Now I didn’t want to be the one to lay it on ya sweetheart,

But I used to be a little fellow traveller.

I used to think we had the whole thing sewed up, mama.

Then I realised,

Rock and roll is dying, baby.

I wanna see some fun !

I wanna see some hanging out !

I wanna see my people





Coolambindang bupalookanimbo… !

Are you ready ?

Are you ready ?

Are you ready to sing the blues my baby ?

Well, yeah, it´s dead, Let´s admit without shame we´re all necrophilic

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the difference there is that the eagles fan base is probably quite broad, to include older and youger people. modern bands tend to appeal to younger people because older people stop listening to good music after some age (no offense to anyone)

also, i think this is hardly a good measure of how good a band is, i know that a ticket to the kylie concert a while ago cost about £100 and i'm sure any pop band charges similar amounts

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