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Who Plays/Played This Guitar??


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Thanks, Brad. I knew the first part (who did "2525" and who didn´t) and I suspected about the second. It´s the fourth time in only three weeks I find wrong information on Google...

But they make you doubt at first... "and what if they did but I don´t know?" :laughing:


Now, some late British top guitar player used this one... I couldn´t decipher the signature so I hope you won´t neither... :laughing:


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It took me a long time to learn...

You google... you save the image you choose.

You go here .

You click on the box to select the image you saved in your hard disk.

You copy and paste the code in the box and then click on uphold image.

Then you go to the last bar and copy the new code.

You go to "reply", click on the little blue mountain on the upper bar (two before "spoiler")

Then you paste your new code into the box.

Then click on "OK".

Then click on "add post".

Whew... hope you´re not definitely lost now... :stars:

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