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Who Plays/Played This Guitar??


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Ten Years After is a good band :D In the year 2525...

Yep, that was Brian Mays guitar :D

Maybe he borrowed them for the picture...?


And for the year 2525, well, that would be over a thousand years after... :grin: "In the year 2525" was by Zager and Evans.

Anybody can tell about ths one? One of top guitar players. Model called after him.


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I was looking for it but all I found is some lyrics sites in google telling me TYA did "In the year 2525" but the serious sites don´t mention this song. I don´t trust google in that sense that much...

In any case, I know it´s written and performed by Zager&Evans an it was a hit in 1969. If you have that TYA record or more information, Iet me know! :) Thank you!

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