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Jimi Hendrix


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Ok, I reccomend sitting down. I'm about to tell you something that will absolutley shock you and want you to kill me. Here is the truth:

I have NEVER heard a Jimi Hendrix song.

*Hides from angry mobs carrying pitchforks*

So, what songs do you reccomend? Like Queens most popular is Bohemian Rhapsody, Led Zeppelin is Stairway to Heaven, etc. :)

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Well, If must advise to listen to Jimi Hendrix material, I don't want others to fail you in that pursuit. here's the rundown:

Are You Experienced (1967)

Jimi Hendrix Experience (w/ Noel Redding and Mitch Mitchell).

Important Tracks (well the whole album is stellar):

Purple Haze

Manic Depression

Hey Joe

Love or Confusion

The Wind Cries Mary (stellar lyricism)


Third Stone from the Sun

Foxey Lady

Are You Experienced (apprently you are not?)

Stone Free

Highway Chile


Axis: Bold as Love (1968)

Little Wing

Spanish castle Magic

If 6 was 9

You Got me Floatin

Castles made of Sand

Bold as Love

Electric Ladyland

And the Gods Made Love

Burning of the Midnight Lamp

Voodooo Chil (Slight Return)

Crosstown Traffic

Still Raining, still Dreaming

Machine Gun (1970)

Machine Gun

You Get the Picture. One cannot truly appreciate a band's virtures by simply downloading songs and buying compilation albums. All of the albums mentioned above are great. Ask anyone. You'll love Hendrix by the time your done listening to these albums.

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I was doing my heavy lifting at a gym once and some Hendrix was blaring on the stereo. One of the other guys said, "This guy isn't so great, he can't even sing." It was all i could do not to conk him over the head with an Olympic bar. I said,"What about the guitar?" He said, "Nothing special". That's a no win situation...walk away.

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The guitars are nothing?!!! Good Gawd! A good guitarist can play his axe like an extension of his body, his soul. Excellent guitar work can stir emotions in people, there's this one song by Pavement called Fillmore Jive and there's this amazing guitar solo that can literally bring tears to my eyes... it's loud it's fast but emotional as hell.

and Hendrix can do the exact same thing with his use of instrumentation

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The guitars are nothin' to me. Don't even notice em' a lot :D

I think I'm going to cry!

Not really. Anyways, download every song he released during his life, because he never released a bad song. His dad released some of his bad songs, after his death, but that's besides the point. But one you really need to hear is "Voodoo Child (Slight Return)."

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This thread reminds me of a Simpsons forum I used to go to. I started a thread called "Favorite Jimi Hendrix song" and 7 people replied, each asking "who's he?" Ah well, that's what you get for trying to have music discussion at a forum dedicated to animation (and damn good animation at that!)

And as far as other reccomendations, I see in your signature that you like Ozzy. Listen to some Black Sabbath, his original band. I think the material with Black Sabbath is much better than his solo work. Some good songs for Black Sabbath are:

Iron Man

Sabbath, Bloody Sabbath

Children of the Grave


War Pigs

Hole in the Sky


That's some good starting points. And another thing with Hendrix, don't just go by the most popular ones. Purple Haze and Fire are the most radio friendly, and my least favorite

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I am not sure of the title, but the recurrent line is, "Fly on my sweet angel." This song fits his voice so well, just as his definitive version of Bob Dylan's (I know, Pharoah ... "Who's he?") "All Along The Watchtower." As for his guitar work, it is much better appreciated when seen and heard. I recommend you pick up "Woodstock - the movie" from Blockbuster this weekend. I know of no one who has seen Hendrix's performance and said, "He's just OK."

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I am not sure of the title, but the recurrent line is, "Fly on my sweet angel." This song fits his voice so well

The song is called just Angel.

It was the high point of the posthumous Cry Of Love album.

Angel stands out on the career compilation CDThe Ultimate Experience, and on a similar 'best of' collection Experience Hendrix,

and the wide-ranging album of material packaged after Jimi's death First Rays of the New Rising Sun.

There is an OK cover version of Angel by Rod Stewart.

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