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So...becoming a moderator?


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I became a moderator when Carl and the Gang came to my house in the middle of the night, threw a blanket over my head and drove me to an undisclosed location. They washed my mouth out with soap, bleached my keyboard and made me write "I will not be a potty mouth anymore" 100 times on college ruled notebook paper. Once I was sufficiently brainwashed, I was offered the job of moderator. After drinking the "special" Kool-Aid, I happily accepted.

All your base are belong to us.... :laughing:

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Call it a perk or compensation to having posts erased or accounts messed with by the server.

The server ate 700 of my posts during the last mess, but I post at such a speed that I didn´t even noticed it... :: If I get to be a shark will I get a free T-shirt or a warm message from the Administration? Don´t I deserve the "Speedfish" status?:beatnik:

nah, I´ m joking, I´m happy just to have the site working.

Oh, by the way, Levis lost some 400 posts too...

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how exactly do you become a moderator??

...of songfacts?

do you get "promoted" if you've been her for so long, or are you actually paid to be it, or are you only mods for cerntain areas...

hows it work? :angel:

I asked to help out a long time ago.

I wasn't on a power trip or anything, I just wanted to be a more intregal part of the site,

I think of it more of being an assisitant to the entire membership by trying to help keep this the place we all like to come and share ideas and thoughts. Kinda like a custodian.

Yes, I'm a janitor! If people drop garbage I clean it up.

When I was 6 or 7 I wanted to be a garbage-man, I guess I'm just now fulfilling a childhood dream of sorts.

Anyway, I don't think of myself as anything more than a team member.

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