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It always amazes how pretty much everyone always forgets Brian Jones... he's never featured in pictures, paintings, threads, anything. Even though he was the first one of that club to die, and he kind of was the biggest deal - of course he's almost forgotten today while Hendrix, Cobain etc aren't, but he was a Rolling Stone.

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Okay whatever Brian Jones amazing man not the front man of the Rolling Stones so maybe thats why he's not in the picture.

Here's my interpretation

The waterfall coming out of the bar- Jimi Hendrix “May This Be Loveâ€

The Purple Haze in the background-Jimi Hendrix “Purple Hazeâ€

Mercedes Benz grill on the floor-Janis Joplin “Mercedes Benzâ€

Ball and chain staked to the floor-Janis Joplin “Ball and Chainâ€

Mosquito flying in the air- Nirvana “Smells Like Teen Spiritâ€

Heart shaped box on the bar-Nirvana “Heart Shaped Boxâ€

The lizard coming out of the boots-The Doors “The Celebration of the Lizard Kingâ€

The boots where the lizard is coming out of-The Doors “The World on Fireâ€

Possible Bean shape in the entrance? Kurt Cobain's daughter Frances Bean Cobain

Angels flying with guitars...heaven? or possible In Utero reference?

I don't know.

Can anyone explain what the thing is floating in the river thats coming out of the bar?

It looks like a boiled egg on a plate

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Angels flying with guitars...heaven? or possible In Utero reference?

I have always thought that was alluding to Jimi's song "Angel" .... "Angel came down from Heaven yesterday .... "

I can't see it clearly, but the egg on a plate (if that's what it is) couldn't that be alluding to "In Utero"? I never would have thought of that without your reference.

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You can't see it but to the left of janis joplin outiside of the window there is a dove this would be in reference to her song "blowing in the wind"

and lucky's right it is in reference to jimi hendrix's song angel....

now observe where the ground is breaking with all the faces and what not......then google in utero and look at the back of the album.....very simular

also the rose......what song is this from?

or is it from the cover of incesticide by nirvana? check that one out.

lastly for the people that can't see the full photo that's displayed there is a spilt cup of coffee, a strawberry milk shake i'm assuming, and then below the ball and chain there is a butterfly coming out of it's cacoon

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okay neverming screw blowing in the wind it was joan baez that re did that song terribly... but still can't forget about the dove

it could be box of pearls

or just like the clock symbolizes something for every artist as far as music being timeless

maybe the dove represents that everyone of them was a peaceful person

and if u go against jim morrison just because you watched The Doors by Oliver Stone then your an idiot for thinking jim was really like that

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Lighten up, kiddo. Lizard was being nice, we all just have a tendancy toward correctness. And I don't think anybody here thinks like that (?) about Morrison. 'Specially not Tim. ;)

I was just going to suggest that the dove may just signify that they are all at peace now.

The clock, maybe that time has just run out?

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sorry for my rudeness but i just bought this poster and i can't figure it out. I didn't mean to offend any one. But about the clock. It's melting that is obvious. For those that don't have the poster....it displays the numbers 2 and 7.....27 pretty brillant. Lastly, it's shaped as an ear. before someone said something about their music being timeless and I think that is the best conclusion about the clock. The dove is interesting R.I.P i guess you can say that signifies very good point.

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You're fine. You've got some great points and it's a great topic anyway. I should say welcome to SF, so here ... welcome to Songfacts! :D

What is known about the artist, anyway? I've seen this discussed several times, but there is no explanation of any of it anywhere. I suppose that's because we are supposed to read into the art what we interpret? It's like Don McLean & American Pie.

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