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better image

Finally. Here is a bigger image. Same website as before, click & zoom. All the artwork is there.

As far as the clock goes, couldn't that mean that time has stopped for them at 27? It being shaped like an ear, that we will never hear anything from them after that point? Also, the only number visible is the number 1?

The rose .... I wonder if that's referring to the film "The Rose" which was loosely based on Janis' life?

Has the keyboard been mentioned? It's the only actual instrument portrayed. I wonder if it's a reference to an individual. None of these are particularly noted for playing the keyboard or piano (not to say they didn't). Brian Jones was though.

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This is just my opinion, seeing as how I sat and stared at this poster for hours trying to figure it all out, but here's what I came up with. The lizard in the boot is supposed to be for Jim, in reference to his song "Celebration of the Lizard King" and the nickame Lizard King. The Ball and chain is in reference to Janis Joplin's song with that title. If you notice, on the bar by Jimi, there is a "Heart Shaped Box" (Nirvana reference). Also, if you notice along that river that comes out of the hole in the bar there is a pearl, which I believe to be a reference to Joplin's album "Pearl". The river itself I think is for The Doors as well, because they have a song titled "Yes, the River knows". I couldn't think of anything else, but those hands that are touching over the archway, the rose, the milkshake and the missing piece from the counter must stand for something. Didn't manage to find any symbols for Jimi. But anyway, I love all the Forever 27 paintings. I love this painting especially because it seems to have a Salvador Dali feel to it, especially the clock; it looks like the clocks from "Persistence of Time and Memory".

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I'm sorry if i am coming in really late in this discussion but i just found this website.

What i am most interested in is where Kurt is standing and how he is standing in the painting.

There are many different factors you can look at with Kurt for this painting with possible references.

1) Kurt just standing there and being the last one who died could reference "Come As You Are".

2) The way he is standing looks as if he might be ashamed of something (if i am wrong about that someone please tell me) which might reference "All Apologies".

3) Although he is not directly under it, the archway to the door is still above him that could refer to "Something In the Way" as in the brigde and his homeless life in Aberdeen.

4) This may be nothing but i just find it really strange that his shadow goes on much further than the archway behind him's shadow. i can't think of any reference and there may not be one but i just wanted to mention it.

All of this could mean nothing but i am just thinking out loud and maybe it will spark something for someone. so sorry

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so my fiancee and I have been standing in our kitchen, staring at our poster, trying to figure out every little thing. stumbled upon this, and decided to add our own take on everything.

1. Heart shaped box on the counter.... refers to Nirvana's "Heart Shaped Box"

2. the grill on the ground by Janis refers to her song "Mercedes Benz."

3. Lizard in the boot refers to Jim Morrison's nickname the lizard king.

4. the pearl in the shell floating down the river refers to Janis Joplin's album "Pearl" as well as her nickname was Pearl.

5. the butterfly either refers to the Doors' song "The Changling" OR Janis Joplin's song "Cocoon."

6. the spilled cup of tea sitting on a penny refers to Nirvana's song "Pennyroyal Tea"

7. the ball and chain refers to the Janis Joplin song "Ball and Chain."

8. The clock shows only the numbers 2 and 7.

9. as far as the clock looking like an ear? either because we will not be hearing from them anymore, or that their music is so timeless, that we will forever hear their music.

10. the dove we say represents either being in Heaven peacefully, or Jimi's song "Freedom."

11. the mosquito refers to Nirvana's "Smells like teen spirit" because mosquitos tend to be drawn to adolescents more due to their blood being sweeter.

12. Kurt Cobain being at the archway means nothing else but that he's the latest to join the "club." the painting was done in 1996... he died in 1994.

13. we dont see the bean shape referring to Kurt's daughter, because the others' kids are not referred to.

14. the shadow we see as just being the angle of the sun, and not meaning anything.

15. we dont see anything using actual purple haze, but the way the sky is behind Janis we see as referring to the line in the song that goes "Excuse me while i kiss the sky."

16. we cant figure out the rose, but my fiancee thinks he heard about a reporter in Rolling Stone referring to Janis as a timeless beauty, which would then explain the rose, but we're not positive on that.

17. the archway we have yet to figure out also.

18. the strawberry milkshake is BEYOND us. haha we cant think of one song from ANY of them that refers to strawberries OR a milkshake.

19. we're really reaching here, but the souls along the edges, and the "diner" looking aspect of where Jim and Jimi are sitting, we think refers to the Doors song "Soul Kitchen."

the strawberry shake is ABSOLUTELY killing us. as well as the fact that Brian Jones was not used in this. BUT, we were also thinking that yes, he was a huge part of The Stones, but they were huge AFTER him. The Doors, Nirvana, The Jimi Hendrix Experience, and Janis' band all ENDED when they died. Yes, you can argue that members of the bands are still playing music today, or were even after their singers' deaths, but these musicians WERE the band. there was no band without them.

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Strawberry Milkshake:


It soothed his stomach while on the road....

Mountains in the sky:

The mountains in the sky behind Janis appear to be chopped off. I think referring to Jimi's lyrics "standing next to a mountain, chop it down with the edge of my hand"

Rose laying on the ground:

From the Wiki page about Kurt Cobain

"Smith found what he thought might be a suicide note with a pen stuck through it beneath an overturned flowerpot."

Bean Shape in the Wall:

Most definitely for Kurt's daughter Frances Bean.

The rose and the hands could be homage to Dali also: Portrait d'une Femme Passionate & Rose Meditative

It also looks like something is around Jimi's neck, cant really see in this pic.


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Ok... first Cobain DID NOT kill himself...

Since when does "self-inflicted" mean someone else did it?

P.S. Maybe a moderator of Random Thoughts can merge this duplicate thread with the original thread that MC_K found.

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Added the P.S.
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