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Hi everyone! I'm from Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. As a pharmarcy student, my primary interests are Chemistry and Life sciences but I always find time for good songs. I use this page to inform myself about songs I like. BTW, bird on my avatar picture is my budgie. I also have a canary.

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Weather is sunny and it's warm. That's pretty unusual for October. But knowing weather here, it will change soon and it will be snowing and it will be cold. I like snow, but I hate slippery roads and streets because I fall. Is dachsie a dog? I've saw it's pics on net. I had many birds for pets before but now I have 2 and that's enough :)

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Yes it is... I had a chocolate brown Dachshund for the first 12 years of my life.

The weather here is sunny and warm/cool depending on weather a breeze feels like blowing or not. If the weather follows its normal course, soon there will be no breeze and no humidity and we will all be on the verge of melting before the temperature suddenly comes crashing down.

Delhi weather is pretty crazy! :crazy:

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:( :rockon: :crazy: i've never done this before.... well, here goes nothin'...

i'm a 51 year old mother of 4, but one did the suicide thing, so i have 3 left. i have four grandkids, who are the apples of my eyes. been happily married for almost 36 years of problems that can't be fixed. my husband and i are both disabled. we don't get out much....i spend my freetime browsing a list of forums that i visit. can't sleep at night, so i basically talk to myself...(i'm lonely alot, my husband sleeps at night, so it's just me, the dog, and my sleeping computer buddies.) no one is ever on line when i am, well no one i "know." sounds like a soap opera, but everything i say is true...lies will get you no where!!..i am known by my negative, but straight forwardness. i don't care what people think of me. i wear only black...my hair is almost black, and i grow it long so that i can have it cut to donate to kids with cancer. i'm probably one of the most patriotic people you will ever meet. i love this country, although others like to elect misfits into office. i am overly shy...i can "talk" for hours to friends online, but don't put me in a room with people...cuz i will disappear, like houdini...lol...i've learned to laugh at things that i should cry about..that's my cover-up. i love ozzy/sabbath!!! i love the ozzfest!!! it's a shame ozzy and i are so old...i would have loved to take my grandsons to the 'fest. but, alas, this was ozzy's last fest and my daughter would NOT allow them to go to anything like THAT...not yet anyway. one of the guys that went with my son (27) and i, brought his 8 year old, and he had a great time..and of course, we adults did, too. ozzy played the second stage and he was just perfect!!! i like a wide range of music, and would keep the stereo blasting 24/7, if possible. i am proud to be a green bay fan, and a white sox fan...even tho they suck more often than not...LOL...i've always been a rebel...i have a hard time following the rules, which has gotten me banned from a few chat rooms...that's why i stick with the forums...i cuss worse than a truck driver..i just quit smoking (cigarettes) two weeks ago, after smoking since i was nine. i am a recovered alcoholic..25 years...yeah, if you do the math, i started drinking the same age as smoking. well, enough is enough...looks like i'm writing a book. this is just me in a nutshell...oh yeah, i am also crazy, or should i say psychologically challenged...LMAO... and i love unconditionally. i'm sure you'll be asking me to leave now...love and peace

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