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Henry David

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Christi, do you know "Fishland"? It´s a restaurant and the owners are friends of mine! ::

Nope, sorry never heard of it.

Hey, I just realized Christi is from Bel Air, Maryland.

We're right next door. I go right by your house every time I go see the O's.

You got any money?

Fan of the O's huh? And yeah I do have money but I'm not giving you any :P

Thanks for the welcoming everyone and thanks for the advice from the girls lol.

Seems fun around here. :)

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Hey Christi!

Didn't anyone ever tell you not to take bad advice from people ? Especially girls!

Look > :puppyeyes:

See, I have puppy dog eyes.

Now...how about you...me...candlelight...and... :angel:

Oh, who am I trying to kid. I'm just like the rest of them. :beady:

Let's just be friends.

or...if you want...we can start off as friends...

Stop that Brad!


Leave the girl alone!

I was just being nice to her.

Gotta go Christi, someone is here. I'll talk later when he's gone. ;)

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EA wrote:

Yeah, and us oldies just sit on the porch chewing the fat

Don't you fret none girl. As soon as I hit the jackpot in the lottery, I'm buying me a plane ticket to your porch and it'll be you, me, a bottle of cheap wine, and candlelight. I love candlelight! ;)

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