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Here´s another old 55 for Old55... :)

And now? Don´t think that as the quiz is officially over we´ll forget about it... nor about you! your quiz has been a great and funny way to play all together and learn... :thumbsup:

Thank you for sharing, 55!

I found your mail adress, I already mailed you... you decide what´s the prize... if I can call it like this...

The real prize is being able to share...

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Darryl, what started out as a small way to keep us youngsters in line by quizzing us turned into a true phenomenon. I can't imagine the time and effort you've put into this. Your generosity and knowledge is humbling. When I eventually win on Jeopardy, I'm sure it will be because a music question will come up and I'll know the answer because of your quiz.

Hugs and kisses to you, my sweet Darryl. clapping8kb.gif

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Quiz withdrawal symptoms already?

I had great fun gathering points even though I knew almost nothing! But I had great fun! I'm going to miss le Quiz!

Congratulations Edna! your winning is not a surprise... close race though. (nail biting, teeth grinding, hands shaking... but not all at once)

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Hugs and kisses to you, my sweet Darryl.

Thank you my dear Georgia Peach. You're a good guy Sammy. Good on you Shawna and Levis for having a go, Katie and angel (thanks for your kind words Sue), and of course all my other friends whom I may not have acknowledged personally, some I already have- Brad for that award he presented me with, Joe I exchange Emails with....love you all.

The Quiz couldn't have existed without all of you.

Like the Bond Movie "Never Say Never Again". We might resurrect it some time in the future.

I AM going to put on a Music Crossword soon. I was working on it last night (now that "Lost" has finished for the season). It's a lot tougher to do

than I thought, but it's nearly ready - pretty amateurish though.


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PLEASE don't tell us the answers when you get it. Just make a Post to say "got it 55", or "can't get 16 Down" (but neither could I) with any comments you'd like to make. Many thanks to my 22 year old son, Peter, who helped me with the technical bits.





1. Black Superman

4. A.K.A. Kissing The Pink

7. Michael Jackson song

8. Famous group

9. Old record label

11. "White Christmas" came from this Movie, "Holiday _ _ _"

12. People who buy/sell/swap records, music memorabilia

16. _ _ _ Loggins

17. Two musicians

18. Hedi Yunus song "Ternyata_ _ _"

19. U.K. group


1. This Group did a tribute song to Smokey Robinson

2. _ _ _ Salonga

3. This U.S. State wants a singer !

4. Songs have been written about these brothers

5. "Waterfalls" trio

6. Obscure 90s female singer. Shares surname with famous mystery writer

10. Earl Grant 50s Hit "The _ _ _"

12. Latin disco trio

13. First title of "Maybelline" before change. "Ida _ _ _"

14. Country lyrics "Little Miss, you'll _ _ _ the day"

15. Abba song

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Darryl!!!! Thank you!!!!! The Crossword!!!!

I knew you would miss us just as we all would have missed you!!!!! :):):)

I´m going to give it a try...

...and I think you deserve a title, something like "EntretainerFish" or so... :laughing:

In any case, it´s good to have you back... I log in at 7 or 8 AM and would feel strange if I didn´t find quiz, crossword, whatever!!! :thumbsup:

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fit "BADFINGER" :laughing:

can you believe that jr pickin on me... :P

I missed that Laurie. I'll go back and have a look. Badfinger are one of the most underrated Groups ever. Love their music. Tragic though that the 2 who co-wrote one of the most beautiful songs of all time (Without You) both committed suicide.

Edna, did you get my Email with the stamp scans? Pick of the shelf to you!

I have to go out on my "bread run" now, but I'll check back later.


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:laughing: well there goes my planned night of collage work!

This thread has been my favourite on songfacts and is the major reason I kept coming back to this fantastic site. I have loved being involved and meeting all the great people with incredible taste in music (much like myself :D )

THANKYOU again Darryl/Old55/Quizmaster/knowledgeable Aussie! :bow: :bow:

And to Edna, congratulations on winning the August quiz!! :bow:

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