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Sorry Edna. Not Voulez Vous/ Abba, or The Final Countdown/ Europe. That was a good one! :)

Abba's biggest Hit in Australia (by far) was "Fernando". It holds the record jointly with the Beatles "Hey Jude" for the most number of weeks at #1 (15 weeks).


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Well, the Boards are getting slower and slower, so I'll try to put these questions on now and say goodnight all.



In the mid 80s a Scandinavian act had a Big Hit in the U.S., U.K., Australia (and I would think most of Europe) with a song that had been released TWICE before as a single unsuccessfully.

Can you please tell me the Performer/s AND the Song?



Which member of a famous Group refused to accompany them to South Africa in the late 60s as a protest against apartheid?



A well known Rock Band promoted their debut album in the first half of the 70s with a series of unusual contests. Who was the Band and what form did the contests take?


Goodnight and Good Luck All. :sleepy: :sleepy: :sleepy:

UPDATED POINTS (NOT including Participation Points for Q1).

edna, Laurie 24

bazooka 17

miamisammy 15

Shawna 14

Brad, UncleJoe 13

jr 8

Peaches 4

bluesboy, katie, Kevin 3

HD 2

Diggs 1


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Or even 'Take on Me'?


ps. the other was either Lindesfarne or the Isle of Dogs, and I would have gone for Lindesfarne ultimately given that the Isle of Dogs wasn't a 70s band. Altogether, two three four...

"The fog on the Tyne is all mine, all mine,

The fog on the Tyne is...."

Why eye canny lad...

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GOT ALL THREE OF THEM! WELL DONE Diggs, edna AND jr. :) :) :)

Q1. Was it A-HA with 'Hunting High & Low' (NO)?

Or even 'Take on Me'? YES!!! :coolio:CONGRATULATIONS DIGGS! :coolio:

Q2. Gram Parsons didn´t go to South Africa with the Byrds in 1968... right? RIGHT !!! :coolio:CONGRATULATIONS EDNA! :coolio:

Q3. KISS held kissing contests. CAN'T GET ANY KISS QUESTIONS PAST YOU !!! :coolio:CONGRATULATIONS JR! :coolio:

Thanks to all who participated. :thumbsup:


Back soon with the updated Points and a new Question. My scanner's "broken' so I can't put on any Quiz Pics and I actually have to THINK.



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Who am I ?

Formed a Rock Group in the U.K. (of which I was lead singer) in the late 70s which was successful on both sides of the Atlantic, mainly in the mid 80s.

I was married to a couple of other Rockers at different times. They were both lead singers of U.K. Groups too! One of them appeared in a very successful Movie as a straight actor/actress.

Good Luck! ::


edna 30

Laurie 26

miamisammy 18

bazooka 17

Shawna 15

Brad, jr, UncleJoe 13

Diggs 6

bluesboy, Peaches 4

katie, Kevin 3

HD 2

levis 1


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